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New Product Awards 2018 – ChamSys QuickQ 20 (Lighting, Lighting Console)

  • ChamSys Quick20.
ChamSys QuickQ 20 is specifically designed to bring affordable, quick and easy, hands-on control of dimmer, LED color mixing and moving light fixtures to operators of any skill level. Since students, volunteers, and part-time operators often find themselves behind the lighting board in services, QuickQ 20 is the perfect fit for house of worship. The console has a helpful, smartphone-like interface that will easily lead you through setup, programming and playback of your show.

This console offers user-friendly and affordable lighting control and a large 9.7-inch touchscreen, that supports gestures like pinch-to-zoom and scrolling. QuickQ 20 simplifies color selection with its dedicated “Color Control Area,” which includes hue and saturation encoders. It allows the user to select colors from in-built palettes and gel libraries using the touch screen. It even features a large selection of prebuilt color chases, and effects. This smartphone-like interface allows for very easy setup and programming. Playback is even easier, as QuickQ 20 provides users with pages of executors that can be configured as cues or chases. These executors can be labelled with straightforward text, can be configured in different sizes, and can be displayed in different colors for easy reference.

QuickQ 20 is a powerful console that controls up to 1048 channels using the DMX, RDM, ArtNet, sACN, and Pathport protocols. However, the console makes the setup process very simple, as It automatically detects, patches and configures RDM-enabled fixtures. It is the perfect choice for control of dimmer, LED color-mixing and moving light fixtures: It has easy-to-understand buttons and faders, simple color selection and intensity control tools. It includes 20 fixture faders, and 10 multi-function playback faders that can be configured as cues or chases. For optimal control, QuickQ 20 also fits a Grand Master fader into its economical layout.

The console features in-built Wi-Fi capabilities, enabling remote connection to the QuickQ app, available for free download for iOS, Android and Windows devices. The phone or tablet app’s interface is the same as featured on the QuickQ 20 touchscreen display, helping beginners familiarize themselves with the layout and setup process, while providing a coherent cross-device functionality. A connected device can work as a remote console control or function as a second external monitor.

QuickQ 20 also brings the free-to-download offline programming software (available for Mac OS and Windows) that includes the ChamSys MagicVis visualizer. The console features 2 USB ports, so volunteers can easily program a show on their computers, save it to a flash-drive, and load it into the QuickQ console when it’s time for a service. It allows novice programmers to create, practice, and improve their skills.

ChamSys ties all learning together. As QuickQ shows are fully compatible and can be loaded onto any MagicQ system, this beginner-level console allows future progression into the full line of ChamSys’ more advanced range of MagicQ consoles.

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