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New Product Awards 2018 – Chauvet Professional Ovation E-930VW (Lighting, LED Fixture [$1,251+])

  • CHAVUET Professional Ovation E-930VW.
CHAUVET Professional’s Ovation E-930VW is purposefully built for the market, making it suitable for churches that broadcast and stream worship services, concerts, youth conferences and other events. It utilizes our proprietary 6-color LED system to achieve the most splendid, attuned whites with the greatest color temperature range in the market, ranging from 2800 to 8000 K.

The unit projects a bright and beautifully flat field of light, achieving high CRI and CQS. Each color temperature can be further adjusted for +/- green to perfect the hue of light, maintaining the same output level at all color temperatures. This allows Ovation E-930VW to be perfectly matched with all other fixtures in the rig. It guarantees even, natural skin tones regardless of other fixtures installed in the same space. Thanks to its +/- green adjustment, Ovation E-930VW is able to immediately adjust the light to perfect the hue for different camera sensors or other artificial light sources like fluorescent fixtures. Ovation E-930VW can also generate diverse looks, shifting from morning to evening in a matter of seconds.

It offers 16-bit dimming of the master dimmer and a very quiet operation. Reducing noise and avoiding disturbances during services is a key feature of the fixture, and variable fan modes, including a fully off mode, eliminate any concerns for the audio department. It also features PWM (Pulse Width Modulation), helping to avoid flickering on camera.

Ovation E-930VW consumes less energy and represents a lower maintenance cost thanks to its 50,000-hour light source life. The unit contains an LED array populated with 91 LEDs from our proprietary 6-color system that also allows for individual color control and color-mixing, for when a splash of color is needed. This fixture provides churches the necessary flexibility to create perfect color temperatures and still create a meaningful dab of color from time to time, all in one. It allows for a captivating environment while providing the perfect color temperatures for services that are broadcasted or recorded on camera.

Ovation E-930VW works well with various control applications, including standard DMX and RDM. This also adds flexibility to the fixture, as it can adjust to any new camera or set of cameras and can adapt to a wide range of white-balancing settings, further making it the perfect light for broadcasts or live streams.

CHAUVET Professional offers value with Ovation E-930VW, as it works with standard lens tubes and accessories, and provides the flexibility needed to light worship services by offering a bright flat field of light that is adjustable, and cost-effective advanced LED technology.

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