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New Product Awards 2018 – CyberKey ValidiKey 20 Vault (Building Systems, Church Safety and Security Products, Access Control Systems)

  • CyberKey Validi Key 20 Vault.
Maintaining an open, welcoming campus is often a top priority for worship facilities. Unfortunately, accessibility must be balanced against security and accountability concerns. Unrestricted access to houses of worship can expose facility equipment to theft, unauthorized use, and damage. Controlling access to expensive facility assets, such as media tools, musical instruments, and computers can be an overwhelming challenge for congregations large and small. Many worship facilities end up with a disproportionate number of master keys in circulation, resulting in significant security risks when a key is lost or stolen. With no practical way to track who has access to the facility, churches are more susceptible to internal and external theft. Many churches acknowledge that they can no longer afford to continue with their mechanical key system and are turning to smart key solutions, not only to improve security but to reduce vandalism and theft. CyberLock provides churches with the technology to create personalized access permissions for each user, track each access event, and disable lost or stolen keys without rekeying, all while staying within a limited budget.

The CyberKey ValidiKey 20 vault is a key cabinet designed to secure, program, and dispense up to 20 CyberKey smart keys. A locked door secures the keys until an approved RFID is scanned and/or valid PIN is entered. After user verification, the vault programs a key with that user’s permissions, unlocks the door, and prompts the user to remove their CyberKey. The ValidiKey 20 vault provides a secure, affordable electronic access control solution for worship facilities that struggle with key control and managing access permissions.

The ValidiKey 20 vault is the ideal solution for churches that require several people to have access to various places within their facility. Many churches allow local community groups to hold meetings and practices within their building. With the ValidiKey 20 vault and CyberLock, these groups can retrieve a smart key that permits access to their meeting area, during their meeting time. The key can be programmed to deny access to other areas in the building and any attempted access outside of their meeting time. When the key is returned to the vault, the administrator can view a detailed audit trail showing when the key was removed from the vault, which doors the user attempted to access, and the date and time the key was returned to the vault. And because ValidiKey programs keys upon retrieval from the vault, administrators only need to issue a PIN or RFID card to each community member or group, helping congregations cut down on the number of keys in circulation. The ValidiKey 20 vault gives churches greater control over access to their facility without closing their doors to the community.

Within the CyberLock suite of access control products, the ValidiKey 20 vault is perfectly tailored to help congregations issue keys and manage access to their facilities. With the ValidiKey 20, keys remain at the worship facility when not in use, increasing accountability and minimizing costs associated with replacing lost CyberKeys. The keys are stored in the secured vault, in an unprogrammed state, until an approved PIN and/or RFID card is presented. Upon presentation of a valid PIN and/or RFID card, the vault programs a CyberKey with that user or community group’s personalized access permissions and releases the door latch. The user can then remove a key that is scheduled to open only the specific doors assigned to that user or community group in the CyberAudit software.

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