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New Product Awards 2018 – Extron SME 211 (Media & Communications, Podcasting, Webcasting or Streaming Product [$1-$2,500])

  • Extron SME211.
The Extron SME 211 is a high performance H.264 streaming media encoder for streaming audio and video signals over IP networks. It accepts an HDMI signal with embedded audio and an analog audio signal. Extron high performance scaling and flexible signal processing facilitate superior display of content from different sources. The SME 211 supports unicast and multicast streaming protocols, including RTMP for streaming directly to major Content Delivery Networks – CDNs, or social media platforms like Facebook and YouTube.

Presets allow a quick recall of system configurations. The SME 211 can stream at two different resolutions and bit rates concurrently, supporting up to six simultaneous streams with push and pull streaming. Built in audio mixing and DSP features enable enhanced audio processing without requiring external mixing and DSP equipment. 

Extensive Streaming Capabilities

The SME 211 offers extensive streaming capabilities with two simultaneous, independent streams, each with individual control of streaming protocol, bit rate, and stream resolutions ranging from 512×288 to 1080p. The dual encode functionality supports streaming at high resolution to an SMD-series decoder in an overflow room while simultaneously streaming at a lower resolution for remote viewing applications, such as Facebook Live. Bit rates can range from 200 Kbps to 10 Mbps for video and 80 Kbps to 384 Kbps for audio. A range of streaming transport protocols and session management methods are supported. These capabilities provide flexibility to stream from the SME 211 to a variety of devices in different system configurations and network conditions. 

Signal Processing Simplifies Setup and Operation

Like many other Extron AV products, the SME 211 offers comprehensive digital and analog signal processing features that make it easy to connect with various presentation sources. EDID Minder® automatically manages EDID communications to ensure sources power up properly and a reliable output signal is provided. When an encrypted source is detected, intelligent HDCP signal notification presents a green screen with HDCP message to the stream and HDMI confidence output. Comprehensive picture, aspect ratio, size, and position controls provide quality images.

Flexible System Control Options

Many different control capabilities are available on the SME 211. The front panel buttons and LED indicators provide a simple interface to manage, monitor, and control the stream for a wide variety of applications. The unique MASK function triggers a transition from HDMI input to a pre-defined still image, effectively concealing what happens during breaks or set-up without stopping the live stream. The SME 211 also features an RS‑232 port and an Ethernet port to interface with remote devices and control systems.

A USB port on the rear and on the front of the unit are available for connection to a keyboard and mouse, to serve as the interface for the embedded web browser. The browser can be viewed from the HDMI output connection and serves as a convenient method to access network setup and control.

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