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New Product Awards 2018 – Froggy’s Fog Poseidon A6 Ultrasonic Low Lying Fog Generator (Lighting, Other Lighting Product)

  • Froggys Fog Poseidon A6 Low Lying Fog Generator.
The Poseidon A6 Ultrasonic Low-Lying Fog Generator give you thick, rolling fog at the push of a button. The new ultrasonic technology takes the cost and worry out of a low fog machine. There is no ice, no refrigeration and no CO2 . The A6 is packed full of features and functionality that blow any other machine out of the water.

Add this incredible effect of rolling low lying fog with minimal work! The White fluffy smoke almost looks like clouds and will add a unforgettable moment to any service.

Cost effective

The main consumables of the A6 are water and Fog Fluid. No need for expensive CO 2 equipment or messy Ice. The Machine also has a much lower cost that any other machine on the market making it budget friendly for any church.

Non-Stop Output

Cover 20,000 cubic feet per minute with a continuous output. When used with Froggy’s Fog Fluid, the fog will stay at knee level and dissipate quickly when it reaches above that height making it fire alarm friendly! Your members will not complain about fog when it doesn’t reach their noses.

Froggy’s water-based fluid is also completely safe for everyone to enjoy without any adverse effects and no strong odor. The optional dual nozzle allows for 2 separate output sources for optimal spread.

No Mess

The Advanced No-Water protection and built in drain and fill valves let you hook the A6 directly up to a water source and drain it without ever moving the machine. The No-Water protection will not only shut own the machine if it runs out of water, but if it is hooked up to a water source will automatically keep it filled to the proper operating level.

Advanced “No Fluid” Protection

The Advanced No-Fluid Protection will automatically shut the machine down when it is out of fluid. You don’t have to worry about one of the most common issues with any fog machine, burning up your heater core.


The A6 is housed in a protective thick plastic case on castors, making it easy to move and incredibly versatile. The long-lasting body design features austenite welding and anti-corrosive primer. Perfect for the church that needs to save space and move around frequently.

Control It Any Way You Want

With built in 3- and 5-pin DMX you can control the A6 through your console or by remote. The A6 also features a built-in LCD control panel which lets you set the time and duration of the output as well as control the humidity, output and fan speed.

Low Fluid Consumption

The A6 can run continuously for roughly two hours without the need to refill. This not only insures it will last all service, but cut the costs needed to operate multiple services a day.

Rain Proof

With optional “Rain-Proof” Shield, you can use the A6 in any conditions, anywhere.

Fast Heat-Up

When turned on the A6 only take 4-5 minutes to warm-up, after this initial warm-up cycle you can create continuous low-lying fog to your hearts content.

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