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New Product Awards 2018 – IOGear Cinema 4K DisplayPort HDBaseT-Lite Extender (Video, Other Video Product)

  • IOGear Cinema 4K Display Port HD BaseT Lite Extender.
Extend Cinema 4K Audio/Video Range to DisplayPort Monitors

The Cinema 4K DisplayPort HDBaseT-Lite Extender (GVE440) supports Cinema 4K resolutions of 4096 x 2160 while offering professional-grade features, audio/video reliability, and signal interference protection that extends superior audio/video without compromising quality. Church AV Techs can extend the range of a DisplayPort monitor using a Cat 5e/6/6a cable to achieve Cinema 4K resolutions of 4096 x 2160 @ 60Hz up to 130 feet from their source and 1080p @ 60Hz HD resolutions up to 229 feet through a single GVE440 Extender. The 4K Extender is the perfect solution to meet the future-proof needs of churches looking to build, extend or upgrade their existing AV distribution systems while supporting the budgetary considerations that HDBaseT technology affords.

The Cinema 4K DisplayPort HDBaseT-Lite Extender goes farther to meet the needs of large auditoriums by daisy chaining multiple Extenders to quickly expand the distance between a display and its source. Connect up to three Extenders to reach a maximum distance of 687 feet at 1920 x 1080 resolutions and distribute Cinema 4K quality video up to 390 feet ensuring the highest quality video without signal loss or drops with HDBaseT Anti-Jamming technology support that resists signal interference during video transmission.

Utilizing industry standard HDBaseT-Lite technology, the 4K Extender simultaneously transmits Cinema 4K video, audio, and control signals over a single Cat 5e/6/6a cable. HDBaseT-Lite simplifies cable runs and reduces the church’s capital outlay by eliminating the need for multiple cables from each point.

The 4K Extender’s receiver also supplies power (3.3 V/.5A) for auxiliary devices such as active adapters if the conversion from DisplayPort to DVI or HDMI displays is needed in areas where connecting a power supply is especially challenging or not an option.

The Cinema 4K DisplayPort HDBaseT-Lite Extender is designed for professional AV use. The compact, all-metal Extender is easily mounted in an AV rack, enclosure or control booth and features a no-slip DC jack locking mechanism for enhanced reliability. Unlike many competing products, the GVE440 features upgradeable firmware that can be done in the field quickly without requiring system disassembly.

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