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New Product Awards 2018 – IOGear Ultra Long-Range Wireless 4K @ 60Hz Video Extender Kit (Video, Other Video Product)

  • IOGear Ultra Long-Range Wireless 4K Video Extender, 60Hz.
The Ultra Long-Range Wireless 4K Video Extender supports the highest video resolutions of wireless extenders in its category. The Wireless 4K Video Extender transmits 4K Ultra High Definition video and 7.1 surround sound audio without wires from an HDMI video source to up to three TVs or displays at distances reaching 600 feet from the source. Churches will experience the same high-quality audio/video they would get over HDMI cables with the flexibility of wireless.

The Extender supports the latest 4K Ultra High Definition (UHD) video resolutions to 3840 x 2160 at 60Hz with near-zero latency. The technology supports in-demand video resolutions, HDMI 2.0 and the newest 4K UHD High Dynamic Range TVs and content.

The Extender sends high-quality AV extended distances reaching up to 600 feet for exceptional flexibility in TV/display placement, unlike wired distribution systems. By eliminating the bulk of HDMI wiring over long distances, church AV techs are afforded greater flexibility and can quickly place TVs in retrofit applications or temporary environments such as outdoor youth group movie nights while efficiently distributing high-quality content to a second or third TV by adding wireless receivers.

The system installs with minimal effort – requiring no software or wireless configuration to set up making it an affordable alternative to upgrading wireless access points to accommodate streaming video.

Until now, wirelessly distributing high-quality 4K audio and video content was not practical or reliable. The 802.11ac wireless standard made it possible and now affordable for churches to send 4K UltraHD AV over Wi-Fi. Utilizing 11ac, the solution provides a dedicated, high-throughput pipeline for 4K UltraHD video transmission and ample bandwidth of up to 18Gbps along with reduced wireless interference on the less congested 5GHz frequency band.

The 5GHz frequency guards against interference from common Wi-Fi devices, often found in congregations, that transmit on the 2.4GHz frequency such as most smartphones, Wi-Fi access points, and IoT devices. The Extender auto-senses other 5GHz wireless devices in its range and dynamically selects among 78 available operating channels.

Utilizing the church’s existing Wi-Fi system to distribute high-quality audio and video often results in signal loss, drops and video buffering as 4K UHD demands high bandwidth and can compete with other Wi-Fi devices for this bandwidth. The Wireless 4K Video Extender provides a dedicated, closed wireless system exclusively for AV. It does not require connection to an existing Wi-Fi system and therefore does not consume bandwidth needed for other wireless devices. Wi-Fi bandwidth coming from the church’s Wi-Fi is now available for Internet data and guest small-screen connectivity.

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