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New Product Awards 2018 – Living As One Web Platform (Media & Communications, Other Media and Communication Product)

  • Living As One.
Living As One is excited to announce the Web Platform, a highly resilient system for online video streaming that ensures reliable, high-quality video transmission regardless of internet connection stability. Through the innovative platform, churches no longer have to worry about stream dropouts because of temporary network failure or losing viewers due to unrelenting buffering wheels!

Since 2014, Living As One has been trusted by multisite churches all over the world such as Life.Church, Elevation, and NewSpring to reliably transport video from site to multisite through the Multisite Platform. Living As One’s innovative Web Platform, which offers the exact same resiliency as the Multisite Platform, ensures 100 percent video transmission between the encoder and Cloud Transcoder. Powered by the Resilient Streaming Protocol and broadcast-grade Live Stream Encoder, the Web Platform allows internet at the broadcast site to completely cut out and will still send 100 percent of the data once it comes back up without any framedrops or loss in quality. By implementing a customizable short delay, content is ensured to be transmitted without loss of data over any public internet connection, including 3G, school, or enterprise networks (as long as the connection meets minimum bandwidth requirements). This means that no video content is lost, even in the case of a complete temporary internet outage at the broadcast site. This industry-first solution provides unprecedented confidence when streaming to the web and ensures that viewers will see an exact reflection of the video which was encoded on-premise.

At the heart of the Living As One Web Platform is the Living As One Live Stream Encoder. This broadcast-grade encoder captures audio and video by way of HDMI or UHD-SDI at up to 4K resolution. Compressing data using highly efficient, cutting-edge HEVC/H.265, content is uploaded to the powerful Living As One content delivery network (CDN) for live viewing from anywhere in the world. Unlike other encoders, the Living As One Live Stream Encoder caches content locally on a solid-state drive, consistently checking with the CDN for errors. Should an error occur (such as a network interruption), the encoder will automatically resend the data.

Along with providing full resiliency, the Web Platform ensures that both broadcast and online audience sites have enough bandwidth for a continuous viewing experience. On the broadcast side, Living As One’s Web Platform includes cloud transcoding, which converts a single high-quality live video stream into multiple bit rates (qualities) in the cloud, conserving bandwidth at the broadcast site. On the audience side, smooth streaming is reinforced by adaptive bit rate streaming (ABS), which dynamically selects a bit rate depending on available bandwidth and device processing power.

Living As One’s web streaming utilizes the next-generation streaming technology MPEG-DASH and HLS (for Apple iOS). This provides a single embed code for a video player (with DVR!) which can be used to reach audiences no matter what type of device they are watching on. Persistent URLs are also available for iOS/Android apps and OTT (Over-the-Top) devices. Additionally, the Web Platform supports scheduled Sim-Live (Simulated-Live) playback of content from the cloud, providing the ability for churches to have an enriching online guest experience through synchronized replay of services at any time.

Living As One, LLC is a privately held technology company focused on improving communications within geographically broad organizations. The company was founded in 2014 to fill a void in the professional video market for a highly resilient live streaming solution and now serves a growing number of multi-location organizations across the United States, Canada, Europe, and Australia. Our mission is to advance the gospel of Jesus Christ by empowering the Church while working closely with ministry leaders, creatives, and others to achieve that mission. As a staff consisting of many from church backgrounds, we are excited to equip churches with technology that empowers them to accomplish their ministry goals with excellence at an affordable cost.

A few quotes from Living As One customers:

Daniel Poston, IT Director, NewSpring Church, Anderson, South Carolina:

“Throughout our testing, we’ve seen viewers watching on smart-TV’s, mobile phones, and all sorts of devices. It’s pretty incredible how simple it is to reach everyone. We get just one embed code, schedule each service, and it works automatically without us having to touch anything. LA1 has been so reliable for our Sunday live and sim-live messages that we are confidently using it to stream back our youth sessions from the beach, so the parents can see what their children are experiencing.”

Doug Smith, Media & Technology Director, Freedom Life Church, Christiana, Pennsylvania:

“We have constant internet issues but have still been able to stream four out of four weeks perfectly! I can’t say thank you enough.”

Nate Click, Production Coach, ONE Church, Spokane, Washington:

“Your system has changed the way we do ministry. We no longer have to worry about the technicalities of streaming. Your team has been fantastic and has never left me hanging.”

Neil Castle, Executive Pastor for Ministry, City on a Hill, Melbourne, Australia:

“We’ve completed 3 great services for our first live broadcast and it ran flawlessly! The platform has been awesome – so easy!”

Robb MacTavish, Live Production Director, Flatirons Church, Lafayette, Colorado:

“You can’t underestimate the importance of the product and support. With Living As One, it’s just been rock solid. I don’t know of anybody else that can give that level of product and support that we’ve received”

Stephen Byrd, Audio Visual Director, Trinity Church, Virginia Beach, Virginia:

“I can’t say thank you enough for making a platform that is just “bomb-proof.” We’ve been running it for about 6 months, and LA1 is the only thing that hasn’t had issues in our system.”

Michael Morgan, Worship Pastor, Epikos Church, Milwaukee, Wisconsin:

“Our experience has been amazing with your product. I had a year of stress with a previous company, your system has really been flawless.”

Joel Hawkins, Pastor of Staff and Ministries, Crossland Community Church, Bowling Green, Kentucky:

“We love the system. There really has been zero trouble. Love the quality!” Thank you to the judges and readers!

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