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New Product Awards 2018 – Mvix Digital Signage Solution (Media & Communications, Graphics/Presentation Software)

  • Mvix The Xhibit Signage Digital Signage Software.
Mvix, a leader provider of content-rich digital signage software, partnered with BrightSign, the global leader in digital signage players, to provide the ultimate digital signage solution.

The solution enables churches to remotely manage, update and display content on digital signs, video walls, and touch displays and kiosks.

The cloud-based software can be accessed from a standard web browser which enables both remote management and centralized control of the digital signage network.

The solution is unique for its content-rich platform, i.e., the software has an extensive library of content apps for churches to create and automatically update content on their screens. Because content is automatically updated, the church digital signage displays will always have fresh and relevant content to attract and keep the attention of the congregation, rather than allowing them to get bored of seeing the same content.

The content apps include, but are not limited to:

• Event listings | Dynamic weather | RSS/MRSS feeds

• Emergency and CAP alerts | social media | live traffic

• Enterprise HTML5 | stock photos

• Wayfinding and Directories | MS Office

YouTube | Prezi

In the last 6 months, Mvix has expanded the content apps library to include:

Rideshare (Uber and Lyft)

Public transit

Interactive directories

The content apps also enhance the scalability and flexibility of digital signage networks i.e. multiple displays with different content, targeting different audiences can be managed from one platform.

For example, a digital signage network for a church campus can have an event listings display in the gathering area that also displays social media. A welcome display in the church lobby can display a loop of videos showing volunteer activities, a welcome message, and a news ticker. A second lobby display can show wayfinding and/or building/staff directory, public transit options, and weather. Displays in the cafeteria can display menu boards and ads.

The Mvix digital signage solution can also display a live broadcast of the church sermon. During the service, screens in the lobby, hallways etc can display a live broadcast of the sermon together with other content like scrolling text, weather, scripture readings, etc.

Each of these screens will be connected to a BrightSign player, and the content is easily managed from the Mvix digital signage software.

In addition to the content app library, the digital signage solution includes management features that are meant to simplify digital signage management: Multi-zone Screen Layouts – the software gives church administrators the option of customizing their screen layout to maximize the digital real estate. Content can be displayed in full-screen format or the screen can be divided into multiple zones with each zone displaying different content e.g. display event listings, an RSS feed, weather, and social media simultaneously.

Smart Playlists – this feature automates the process of building and updating playlists. Smart Playlists allow for easy playlist management based on hierarchy. In a playlist, the first piece of content is usually the statement piece, followed by content that adds to and builds the story and finally the last piece which prompts the audience to take action. Smart Playlists give users the flexibility of determining the order in which to update playlists making it easy to continue to add to the brand/campaign story and make it stronger.

Advanced Scheduling – the software’s scheduling tool allows comprehensive day-parting and calendar-based scheduling for individual displays or a group of displays. Content can be scheduled days, weeks, months and even years in advance. This makes content delivery an automated process so users can “set it and forget it.”

Multi-user Platform – the Mvix platform has multi-user access for team collaboration, with no limits on the number of users per account. The users can have highly specialized permissions (e.g. access to specific screens only, or access to specific software features only) to enable accountability and make network monitoring easy.

Reporting – the Mvix platform automatically generates reports that include user access, playback log, bandwidth usage, and updates/activity reports. These reports allow churches to monitor their networks and make adjustments as seen fit. Essentially, the Mvix digital signage solution gives churches a cost-effective and very flexible platform to communicate with the congregation while adding visual appeal to the building. To get started, churches will need the BrightSign media player which is connected to the screen via HDMI and an Mvix software license. The player will need to be connected to the internet (both Wi-Fi and wired are available), and once it is online, it will communicate with the Mvix cloud-based software to download and display content. Because the content is downloaded on to the player, the screens will continue to display content, even when there is no internet.

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