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New Product Awards 2018 – NEC Display F and Q series dvLED

  • NEC Display Q Series.
When spreading the message of faith, it’s important to not only reach your audience, but also connect with them. That’s why this September, NEC Display released their F and Q series direct view LED display solutions. With digital signage solutions, houses of worship have endless creative possibilities to make their services and ceremonies even more dynamic and engaging.

dvLED is a video display technology that uses Light Emitting Diodes to produce the red, blue and green colors typically found in a full color video display. Because the LEDs are an emissive light technology, they provide images that are brighter and higher in contrast than the transmissive technology of traditional LCD displays. This easily allows for usage in nearly any environment while providing the eye-catching content needed for digital signage applications.

Another benefit of dvLED displays are their modularity and configurability. LED panels can be configured in nearly infinite combinations, and because an LED panel has no bezel, multiple panels can be combined to provide a seamless video wall image. Their modularity means they can also be configured in unconventional patterns. In the case of a house of worship, this could be used to wrap around surfaces, or to create a display in the shape of a religious symbol.

dvLED is also highly reliable and easy to maintain. In addition to their long lifespan (80,000 hours), NEC’s F and Q series displays feature built-in data and power redundancy, meaning that a display will remain operational in the event of a single controller or power supply fault. Each LED module can be serviced from the front or back, so no matter where they’re placed, maintenance will be a breeze. These factors also contribute to a low total cost of ownership.

dvLED comes in various pixel pitches. Pixel pitch is the distance between pixels, and on the F and Q series this ranges from 1.2mm to 7.8mm. A smaller or “finer” pixel pitch is ideal for close up viewing, where a larger pixel pitch can be used to create large displays to be viewed from a greater distance. NEC’s F and Q series dvLED solutions provide options to houses of worship who are looking to utilize digital signage either indoors or outdoors.

The F series provides a fine pixel pitch ideal for indoor use, while the Q series provides a complete indoor and outdoor dvLED solution. The F-Series offers a bright, 16:9 aspect ratio dvLED panel with a tight pixel pitch from as low as 1.2mm for indoor use. With up to 18-bit color processing and the option to add HDR10 capability, the F-Series delivers superior content reproduction with sharp images and deep contrast. In addition, its cabinet dimensions match up with a 55” large format display (LFD), so customers can easily upgrade an LFD video wall with high-end dvLED panels. The F-Series also features a factory-calibrated display from bin-matched LEDs to ensure a color-accurate image.

Meanwhile, the Q-Series dvLED panel is designed for customers who need a larger display, with a 1:1 aspect ratio panel and a wider pixel pitch starting at 2.84mm to produce seamless images at an attractive price point.

The Outdoor Q-Series dvLED panel features a crystal-clear image even during the day, thanks to its 6000 Cd/m2 brightness, factory color-calibration, seamless panel design and additional seals to provide an IP 65 dvLED panel that offers protection from the weather.

NEC’s turnkey dvLED display solutions provide customers with everything needed to design the LED video wall that’s right for them, including design consulting to choose the correct technology for specific needs, installation supervision to ensure the display is properly installed and personnel who are trained on usage, full project management, mechanical and architectural design services, integration service, and onsite service and repair.

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