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New Product Awards 2018 – ROE Visual Diamond 2.6 (Lighting, LED Video Display [Interior])

  • ROE Visual Diamond2.6
Diamond2.6 (DM2.6), 2.604mm pixel pitch LED display, is a new member of the ROE Visual family of LED products. The lightweight DM2.6 small-pitch LED panel incorporates a magnesium alloy frame design for easy-to-stack or hanging solutions. Available in both flat or curved configurations and suitable for indoor configurations, the DM2.6 is an ideal cost-effective LED display solution for rental, staging and fixed applications.

DM 2.6 offers vibrant color even in low brightness situations without need for gray scale reduction. DM 2.6 offers 1,500 nits at maximum brightness, making it an ideal choice for indoor applications. The black SMD LEDs are visible at almost any angle.

DM 2.6 is particularly suite for use at large events, concerts and exhibitions, as well as TV studios, lecture halls and houses of worship.

DM2.6 features include:

  1. Ultra-Lightweight

Diamond 2.6 panels measure 500 x 500mm and weigh less than 5.5kg (12-lbs.) per panel.

Lightweight magnesium alloy frame ensures extreme durability.

  1. Superb Visual

The sleek design with Black LED’s adds high contrast and brightness for a vivid viewing experience.

  1. Curving Capability

Concave and convex curving capabilities provide expanded flexibility to realize uniquely creative stage design.

  1. Magnet-assisted Assembly

Magnets are integrated into the Diamond panel frame, offering easy set-up in both hanging or stacking configurations.

Special features that make DM 2.6for the Houses of Worship market include:

  1. Cost-efficient DM 2.6 is an ideal cost-effective LED display solution. It adds a more contemporary look and feel to modern Houses of Worship, attracting a younger audience. DM 2.6 is priced moderately allowing Houses of Worship to easily improve their indoor display systems.
  1. Carbon Fiber Technology Diamond 2.6 uses carbon fiber technology to deliver an easy-to-stack or hang solution that is available in flat or curved configurations. The ultra-lightweight design makes installation and tear down easier.

Overall, the ROE Visual DM 2.6 is optimally suited for indoor LED display. Much lighter and brighter than the previous house of worship technologies, DM 2.6 enriches the visual aspect of services and gatherings.


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