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New Product Awards 2018 – Ross Carbonite Mosaic Video Image Processor (Video, Video Switcher or Scaler or Mixer)

  • Ross Carbonite Mosaic Multi-Screen Processor.
Large-screen displays have become a common fixture in church productions. However, as displays get larger, both physically and in pixel resolution, the scaling process can lead to video latency that disrupts the real-time viewing experience. The Ross Carbonite Mosaic was created to handle the latest display technology with a fully-loaded creative feature set at an attractive price point.

Carbonite Mosaic is a Multi-Screen Image Processing system, built on the Carbonite Black Plus engine. Carbonite Mosaic provides the flexibility of 10 tile outputs per system, with up to 5 layers on each tile, to accommodate epic large-screen imagery in any setting. With single frame latency, this processor delivers high-quality upscaled video that complements the live action.

Carbonite Mosaic is more than just awesome large-screen video, it’s part of the integrated Ross ecosystem which comes together for incredible visuals and totally simple control.

While Carbonite Mosaic handles the upscaled video processing, add in the XPression Tessera system, for pixel-accurate graphic content on your display. The combination of Carbonite Mosaic and XPression Tessera come together for beautifully composited video and graphics on the big screen.

Carbonite Mosaic is built from Carbonite and retains all the Carbonite operational features for an easily-executed production. Rather than confining your large-screen productions to a single set-and-forget layout, you can now create multiple layouts with different effects and graphics and recall them with ease from a Carbonite switcher, XPression Tessera, network-connected DashBoard control interface, or directly from the Carbonite Mosaic system. With Carbonite Mosaic, you can build your entire production from a single operator interface, which is accessible from multiple locations.

Creative flexibility, tight integration, and operational ease – at one of the best price points in the industry. That’s the beauty of large-screen productions with Carbonite Mosaic.

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