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New Product Awards 2018 – Shure Axient Digital (Audio, Wireless Microphone Systems)

  • Shure Axient Digital.
Every week, millions and millions of people head to their respected places of worship to attend services. Many plan their week around this event and expect to listen, sing and leave with a refreshed sense of purpose or thinking. Whether consumers realize it or not, audio plays a critical role in this weekly experience and impacts the degree to which they enjoy the service. Many may argue that standout sound quality and exceptional “clean” audio can make for a more pleasant and more enjoyable house of worship.


Axient® Digital is Shure’s latest wireless system introduction, and certainly one of its most impressive. Its outstanding signal quality provides maximum stability, range and clarity for professional productions and houses of worship that demand flawless execution. With flexible hardware options, advanced connectivity, comprehensive control, it provides next-level signal stability and audio quality anytime, anywhere, especially in congested RF environments.

Incorporating the most innovative wireless technology in the world, Axient Digital builds on the superior benefits of the Shure’s UHF-R®, ULX-D® and Axient wireless systems to create the most advanced wireless platform to date. Axient Digital features two receiver options (two-channel and four-channel) that are both compatible with its two lines of transmitters, the AD Series and ADX Series. Both AD series and ADX series transmitters are compatible with a shared Axient Digital receiver platform and can be scalable by offering simultaneous use of both AD and ADX series components.

AD Series transmitters deliver a tremendous level of core product benefits including exceptional RF performance, digital audio and networking. Axient Digital ADX Series includes the first micro bodypack with an integrated antenna, enabling greater concealment and comfort. The ADX Series transmitters additionally incorporate ShowLink® Remote Control, which, when coupled with the AD610 ShowLink access point, provides real-time control of linked transmitters and instantaneous adjustments of key settings across the coverage area.

Ideal for a variety of users and applications, Axient Digital features numerous user-friendly features and benefits:

High- Performance RF — Features True Digital Diversity, Quadversity™ and a robust High Density mode that delivers superior spectral efficiency, significantly mitigating the potential for signal fades or interference that can cause drop outs. Quadversity antenna mode enables users to allocate four antenna inputs to a single channel via patented technology, extending coverage and the option for separate zones. As a result, RF signal- to- noise is greatly improved in challenging environments. 

Audio Quality — Featuring transparent digital audio via Dante, AES67 and AES3, Axient Digital has a 20Hz to 20 kHz range with a flat frequency response and accurate transient response. Axient Digital also boasts wide dynamic range and an impressive 2ms latency from the mic transducer to the analog output. 

Command and Control — Axient Digital is compatible with Wireless Workbench® for efficient control and configuration, as well as the ShurePlus™ Channels App for optimal spectrum management and frequency monitoring. The system’s Dante Cue and Dante Browse features enable headphone monitoring of high fidelity, true audio output from any Dante- enabled connected device. 

Hardware and Scalability — Axient Digital’s wide tuning range of up to 184 MHz for all transmitters and receivers covers an extended range of spectrum and simplifies inventory. Dual and quad receiver options combined with a common receiver platform supporting both AD and ADX transmitters maximizes user flexibility and scalability.

Axient Digital is compatible with the Shure Battery Rack Charger (SBRC), which supports up to eight rechargeable batteries in a single, compact rack space. Providing a seamless battery charging and storage solution for houses of worship, the SBRC features an easy-to-read front panel that displays critical battery parameters, including charge status, time-to-full and battery health indicators. When connected to a network, Shure Wireless Workbench® (WWB) and ShurePlus™ Channels software provides remote monitoring of the SBRC to track battery status.

Hillsong, one of the largest Christian churches in the world, has incorporated Axient Digital into its Brisbane location. With five services a weekend, the production team works to ensure the sound is flawless for its more than 3,500 worshipers. According to Reid Wall, sound engineer for Hillsong Brisbane, “Axient Digital dropped right into our system without any issues. The sound quality is great – definitely the best sounding digital radio mic system I’ve used. The high mids and top end are very smooth, the noise floor is really low, it sounds really clean, and we never experienced any RF problems.” Wireless Workbench is one of the tools Wall appreciates most about the system because it allows him to separate the control and Dante network traffic with full redundancy. This is key as Wall coordinates 50 RF channels across the expansive Brisbane Campus through three different Wireless Workbench zones.

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