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New Product Awards 2018 – The Leyard® VVR Series (Video, Flat-Panel Display)

  • Leyard Planar VVR Series.
The Leyard® VVR Series is a family of indoor and outdoor LED video wall displays designed to meet the fast-paced needs of rental & staging, large venue and event applications. Leyard VVR Series displays feature magnetically attachable cabinets for fast assembly and a quick lock system that tightens the video wall in seconds to support single-person installation and handling.

Leyard VVR Series LED video walls easily adapt to various designs, including hanging, stacking, wall-mounted, floor-mounted, attached to traditional and customized frame styles. With a wide range of configurations, the Leyard VVR Series offers the flexibility churches need to adapt to unique architecture, as well as meet existing needs or accommodate change in the future. The Leyard VVR Series is also ideal for applications ranging from concerts, festivals and public gatherings to conferences, tradeshows or exhibitions.

Leyard VVR Series video walls deliver the highest level of display flexibility and set-up ease. To enable single-person installation, the Leyard VVR Series features magnetic points that briefly hold the LED cabinet in place while an installer secures the LED cabinet and finalizes cabling. Leyard VVR Series cabinets also feature an embedded quick-lock system, making it easy and efficient to secure cabinets together.

The Leyard VVR Series incorporates a rack-mounted video controller that supports resolutions up to 2.3 million pixels and includes control software that delivers a variety of controls and adjustments via a user-friendly interface. The Leyard VVR Series uses power and signal cables compatible with industry-standards and features a fast and easy twist-lock latching system. All electronics are contained in a single compartment on the back of the cabinet. The electronic compartment is easily removable to quickly access and service all components, supporting a church’s need to provide congregation members and visitors with the best user experience at all times.

With high brightness, excellent contrast and a wide color gamut, the Leyard VVR Series delivers exceptional image quality to enhance dynamic applications. The Leyard VVR Series is suitable for high ambient light applications with indoor models offering 1,000-nit brightness to provide the clarity and sharpness churches with large amounts of natural light need. The Leyard Series’ outdoor models offer high brightness of 5,000-nit and an IP65 Ingress Protection Rating to feature a dust-tight enclosure that protects the LED display in harsh outdoor conditions. The series also supports a large variety of user viewing needs, offering indoor models in four models ranging from 2.5 to 5.9 millimeter pixel pitches, and outdoor models in six models ranging from 2.9 to 10.4 millimeter pixel pitches.

The Leyard VVR Series will begin shipping in January 2019.

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