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New Product Awards 2018 – Vista by Chroma-Q (Lighting, Lighting Console)

  • Vista by Chroma-Q.
Vista 3 by Chroma-Q is a comprehensive package including the Vista 3’s software which can be operated on two new control surfaces – the Vista MV and Vista EX or stand alone on a PC or Mac based computer. The Vista MV and EX provide affordable hands-on control suitable for any size or style of production.

Manufactured in North America, in the same facility where we produce our award-winning Chroma-Q® Inspire lighting fixtures, the Vista lighting and media control surfaces harness all of the features and advantages of the Vista 3 Software.

The exciting, next generation Vista 3 software builds on the volunteer-friendly, award-winning Vista v2. Vista 3 has been developed to dramatically enhance existing functionality and introduce an array of intelligent new features that appeal to both existing and new users. Some of the new features include the ability to merge multiple show files, a new color engine that supports up to 11 colors, improved 2D fixture visualizations, customizable workspaces, a vastly expanded command line interface, and Smart FX masters.

These features all contribute to improving the entire user experience in creating and delivering fantastic looking shows, in addition to making the software even more intuitive to those users who are new to the Vista ecosystem. Vista by Chroma-Q brings a new paradigm of power and simplicity to the control of dimmers, moving lights, LEDs, and media-servers in the worship environment. A wide range of hardware ensures the perfect console for all applications. Vista by Chroma-Q was designed from the ground up to allow all levels of user, from volunteers to professionals, to get the most from whatever mix of technology they have available.

Vista has been adopted by many leading US houses of worship, proving to be both widely accepted, and enthusiastically enjoyed, by users with a broad spectrum of lighting knowledge. It has also been accepted by a large range of leading lighting designers, specifiers, rental and production companies, venues, shows and events worldwide.

Alongside Vista 3’s software launch, Vista by Chroma-Q is now shipping two new control surfaces – the Vista MV and Vista EX – which provide affordable hands-on control suitable for any size or style of production.

Vista by Chroma-Q provides everyone in the worship environment the ability to focus on what counts … making the show look great.

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