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New Product Awards 2019 – AkitaBox Facility Management Software and Data Collection Services (Building Systems, Building Automation Product or System)

  • AkitaBox Facility Management Software and Data Collection Services.
AkitaBox serves as a total end-to-end facility software services and solution that scales with religious organizations. Using a proprietary method that is tailored to each church, the AkitaBox implementation team walks each building to verify existing floor plans, locates and pins critical space and assets on the building’s floor plans, and captures additional data points within a profile, such as an asset’s make, model, manufacturer and serial number, or a room’s name, number or floor type.

Floor plans are then modeled by a team of Revit specialists and then integrated into the AkitaBox software platform, ensuring the most accurate depiction of a building’s space and assets.

A dedicated Customer Success Manager then helps clients establish a custom preventive maintenance program, identify a rollout strategy and facilitate the final software deployment.

The AkitaBox software then operates with a number of key features, including preventative maintenance schedules, work order scheduling and robust reporting utilizing the data that was collected.

The final deliverable is a turn-key maintenance management solution that helps facilitate:
• Operational Efficiency
• Construction and Building Turnover
• Warranty and Recall Tracking
• Custodial Zoning
• Workload Balancing
• Capital Expenditure Planning
• Emergency Response and Preparedness
• Retirement and Succession Planning
• New Employee Onboarding

Beyond these immediate benefits, AkitaBox also helps churches in the following ways:

Provide Insight and Transparency for Your Finance Team

Understanding how, when and where money is being spent is a high priority for many church administrators. Having an easy-to-use document management tool that facility managers and church administrators can use to collect, associate, organize and store invoices by asset ID, asset type or even project name is essential. Facility managers can add quotes, invoices or receipts in the field or in the office, while administrators can quickly aggregate these expenses for line items in their budget report.

Inform and Educate Church Volunteers

Volunteers are a great resource for many churches. However, the amount time it takes to train and manage them often outweighs the benefits they can bring. AkitaBox is a central repository of truth that provides volunteers with a visual map of the facility. Volunteers can quickly identify rooms and equipment through the use of color-coded pins. Asset profiles provide helpful cleaning instructions, repair guides and emergency shutdown procedures. An intuitive interface makes volunteer and staff adoption quick and easy, regardless of skill level.

Communicate Facility Needs and Budget

Constraints Church administrators are constantly pulled in different directions and often don’t have time to get into the nuts and bolts of facility management. Providing your administrators and board with easy-to-understand visual reports will help bridge the disconnect between budget allocations and operational expenses. Use AkitaBox to give administrators insight on number of man-hours per work order, the number of service requests received, number of open work orders and much more.

Establish Accountability Among Staff

Managing staff is hard enough. But managing volunteers adds another level of complexity to the mix. Tracking staff and volunteer progress on assigned tasks is essential for establishing accountability. Use reporting to track number of completed work orders, hours worked in a day and open tasks by staff member or volunteer. You can even reassign outstanding tasks to other team members or volunteers as needed.

Improve Worshipper Satisfaction

Most worshippers visit a religious facility once a week; providing a clean and inviting space for prayer and devotional activities is vital to improving worshipper satisfaction. Stay on top of maintenance tasks by designating cleaning zones, establishing a preventative maintenance program and providing a place for community members to submit service or maintenance requests.

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