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New Product Awards 2019 – Aquarii Rheos (Lighting, LED Fixture [$1,251+])

  • Aquarii Rheos.
The Rheos RGBW LED Light fixture is the latest release for Aquarii in our LED Lighting lineup.

The initial response from the market has been overwhelming!

The addition of this RGBW fixture is a perfect fit for the house of worship market. More and more we are seeing requests for color lighting to be added to a church venue for various reasons. The biggest being that the facilities can now add a color component to their services or shows that can provide a strong and lasting impact to their services.

The Rheos fixture offers one of the best light outputs in the industry today. The Rheos can be controlled via a DMX/RDM system that will allow color changing capabilities during the service. They can be changed from a white light at the start of the service, to deep blues, or reds, or greens or any mixture in between, to truly enhance the message that you are trying to pass along to your congregation.

We are the only LED lighting company that has been proven to have zero flicker or video artifacts when used in live video or TV productions. This is an extremely important factor for all worship facilities that currently have these production capabilities.

We have one of the largest color triangles in the market.

The design of our LED array allows us to mix colors at the source, which provides us the ability to have optimal color blending.

Our fixtures are passively cooled, which means no fans are needed, resulting in a much quieter light source. We also offer custom color options or custom artwork that can be added to our housing to enhance the effect in a sanctuary.

The Rheos color fixture will set Aquarii apart from our competitors and we are very excited to introduce this new LED lighting fixture during the WFX Conference & Expo in Orlando.

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