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New Product Awards 2019 – ChamSys QuickQ Rack (Lighting, Lighting and Controls [Non-Stage Products])

ChamSys QuickQ Rack is a small, rack-mountable version of the QuickQ console, designed specifically to bring affordable and easy control to installations and architectural integration. Designed with students, volunteers, and part-time operators in mind, QuickQ Rack features a simple 10-button interface for selecting preprogrammed scenes. Utilizing the QuickQ App, it allows users full access of the QuickQ operating system, offering the same user interface that has made the QuickQ series the perfect fit for house of worship applications.

This unit supports four universes and offers two 5-pin DMX/RDM ports, as well as one network port for Art-Net/sACN output. It is also equipped with a convenient front USB port to load and save shows. Thanks to its innovative design, it can be used as a desktop box or rack-mounted with the supplied rack ears.

QuickQ Rack is small but powerful: With in-built Wi-Fi, it enables a remote wireless connection to the QuickQ app, which is available for free download for iOS, Android and Windows devices. The app’s interface is the same as featured on the QuickQ consoles touchscreen display, which allows beginners to familiarize themselves with the layout and setup process, while providing a coherent cross-device functionality.

Using the QuickQ app on a phone or tablet, QuickQ Rack offers user-friendly and affordable lighting control that allows the user to write and playback cues, get quick access to gobos and position presets. The app also offers simple color selection, with its dedicated “Color Control Area” and provides the user the chance to select colors from in-built palettes and gel libraries. It also features built-in effects, providing very easy setup and programming.

QuickQ Rack also offers four Phoenix connectors that allow up to 40 SnakeSys 10Scene wall plate connections. It features a HDMI port for connecting an optional display, and MIDI and Audio in/out ports. QuickQ software also comes with a hot-takeover mode that allows for an external console to be connected and take control of the system and connected fixtures.

Providing a broad range of options, from a simple 10-scene installation to full programming capabilities via the app or added display, QuickQ Rack brings fast and easy setup with QuickQ’s auto-patch function, and offers straightforward control for small services, shared community spaces, antechambers, youth centers, and architectural lighting.

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