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New Product Awards 2019 – CHAUVET Professional Ovation P-56FC (Lighting, LED Fixture [$1-$1,250])

Ovation P-56FC is a bright full color PAR light that comes in a lightweight, compact housing designed to blend in with ellipsoidals already on the rig and be tucked away in small spaces, while providing impressive output and color for services, youth conferences and other events.

Ovation P-56FC produces a homogenized, single-source, flat and even field of light with high TM-30 and utilizes the same advanced full color-mixing RGBAL LED system found in the popular Ovation E-910FC ellipsoidal to produce subtle pastels to punchy saturates and nearly any temperature of white. This fixture comes with included interchangeable lenses for Medium and Wide beam angles, designed to ensure homogenized color projection. This unit also accepts other standard 7.5-inch beam shaping accessories.

Designed for applications where silent operation is critical, Ovation P-56FC has a compact, convection cooled housing that offers various fan speed options, including a “fan off” mode for complete silent.

Ovation P-56FC offers 16-bit dimming of the master dimmer for smooth fades, all the way to the bottom of the curve, and features PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) to avoid flickering on camera and ensuring the best image quality for broadcasting and streaming services.

A perfect fit for the house of worship market, this affordable LED unit consumes less energy and represents a lower maintenance cost thanks to its 50,000-hour light source life. Ovation P-56FC works well with various control applications, including standard DMX and RDM making it very easy to set up and incorporate into any rig.

CHAUVET Professional offers value and a powerful creative tool with Ovation P-56FC, providing flexibility and maximizing resources needed to light worship services. A bright compact fixture capable of superb color rendering and cost-effective advanced LED technology, Ovation P-56FC helps create captivating moments and a heightened worship experience.

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