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New Product Awards 2019 – DPA 4097 Choir Microphone (Audio, Microphone)

  • DPA Microphones 4097 Choir Microphone.
As the latest addition to DPA Microphones’ product lineup, the 4097 Supercardioid Choir Mic is being shown at WFX for the first time.

Designed with houses of worship in mind, the 4097 was based off the brand’s popular 4098 Gooseneck Microphone, and has been specifically tailored to capture the dynamic sound of a choir. This microphone is also perfect for audiences/crowd mics, orchestras and bands, especially for drum overheads. We also project that it would be a great baptismal mic as it provides an ideal distance between the mic and the water (and its IP58 rating means it’s still going to be OK anyway).

With a sleek design that is smaller than other mics of its kind, the 4097 Choir Mic features DPA’s famous flat off-axis supercardioid pattern, giving it the same sonic characteristics as all of the brand’s solutions.

As a result, the microphone accurately handles bleed from other sources in close-proximity, thereby achieving very high-gain-before-feedback — a challenge often faced in choir settings. This allows the 4097 Choir Mic to be one of the most open, transparent and natural-sounding microphones available. Additionally, it makes audiences feel as though they are watching a choir with seemingly no amplification, and provides performers with a clean in-ear sound, when applicable.

As one of the company’s newest mics, the 4097 incorporates the now internationally acclaimed CORE by DPA technology. This revolutionary amplifier technology, which can be found in DPA’s entire line of miniature microphones, creates an even clearer sound by lowering overall distortion and expanding the dynamic range.

From the ‘highest of highs’ to the ‘lowest of lows,’ all CORE by DPA capsules feature a groundbreaking increase in the dynamic range, with the 4097 Choir Mic peaking at a max. SPL of 135 dB.

The entire system is very stable and fully adjustable for the greatest range of directionality needed. Configured with a MicroDot connector and a DAD4099-BC XLR adapter, the 4097 Choir Mic allows churches to choose either a wired or a wireless solution to fit their needs.

The result, great flexibility on stages that require multiple uses of the same space, such as choirs, children’s services, concerts and more.

Additionally, the 4097’s MicroDot system works with a vast majority of professional wireless systems, meaning a church can utilize its existing solutions, rather than face expensive changeovers to new transmitters and receivers. Using this unique wireless solution allows ease of portability when bringing the mic on and off stage, and no cable clutter that could potentially cause tripping. It also provides a cleaner, more discreet stage presence for both in-house and broadcast/streaming services.

Additionally, the 4097 is an all-inclusive system that comes with the base, boom, stand, cables and XLR adapter, so there’s no need for houses of worship to purchase additional accessory items. Also included is a unique clip that attaches the adapter or wireless transmitter to the floor stand, providing a sleeker, more elegant presence.

What’s more, the stand for the 4097 is modular and fully adjustable and features a triple shock-mount design that drastically reduces vibrations from the floor bleeding into the audio signal. This is accomplished by isolating the 4097 from structure-born noise and vibrations, helping the mic to be as quiet on stage as possible. These shock-mounts also provide stability for the system, so that if the microphone/stand are bumped, it will return to its natural standing position within seconds.

DPA has put a great deal of time into designing a sleek and elegant choir microphone, specifically for the house of worship market, that is smaller than other mics but offers better sonic characteristics than its larger competitors. As far as we can assert, the DPA 4097 Supercardioid Choir Mic is the best-sounding (and best-looking) solution on the market, all at a competitive price-point.

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