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New Product Awards 2019 – Elation Professional Fuze Profile (Lighting, Moving Light)

  • Elation Professional Fuze Profile.
Elation Professional is pleased to be expanding its popular Fuze™ series of LED wash luminaires with the new Fuze Profile™. The ideal fusion of performance, features and value, the Fuze Profile is a full-color-spectrum, automated LED moving head, with framing useful wherever high color quality is needed.

The Fuze Profile with framing is designed for a wide array of precision lighting applications, particularly theater, television, house of worship and corporate event applications where high color quality, color manipulation and accurate color reproduction is needed. It houses a 305W 92 CRI engine (6,500K) that utilizes a five-color homogenized LED array of Red, Green, Blue, Mint and Amber sources. The carefully tuned RGBMA LEDs and high CRI ensure accurate color reproduction, while delivering a powerful output of over 9,000 lumens.

Virtual color temperature, magenta/green adjustment plus color gel emulation give designers access to an impressive LED color array including a beautiful mixed white. Compact, quiet and lightweight, the Fuze Profile house a 7-degree to 46-degree motorized zoom and ships with an included snoot attachment.

The Fuze Profile LED framing fixture houses two gobo wheels – a six-slot rotating, indexing wheel with interchangeable glass gobos and a seven-slot fixed wheel with glass gobos. A full blackout framing system with four-rotating blades gives full control of the beam shape and can index +/- 45-degrees.

An animation wheel can be engaged to bring graphics to life while a variable frost filter can be employed when designers wish for softer gobo or soft wash effects. A four-facet prism, motorized iris and high speed electronic shutter and strobe round out its feature set.

The Fuze Profile is also available in a cold white version, the Fuze Profile CW™, also with framing, designed for trade shows, stages, television and a wide array of AV event applications. Ideal to illuminate objects like exhibits and banners, texture areas, and provide flat field keylight, the Fuze Profile CW can be used anywhere a fully automated ellipsoidal fixture is required.

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