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New Product Awards 2019 – InEarz Zen4 Universal IEM with ADEL (Audio, In-Ear Monitoring System)

  • InEarz Zen 4 Universal IEM with ADEL.
The pinnacle of design and technology has come to Zen with ADEL. With rich bass, smooth mids and exhilarating highs, this four-driver in-ear system tells a story that just has to be heard to believe.

Featuring ADEL Technology, which has been proven to relieve pnuematic pressures that are caused when wearing in ear monitors. Along with an expertly crafted four-driver balanced armature module. The universal fit shell comes with a selection of replaceable tips to ensure a comfort fit that can be personalized. Your ears are punished enough, isn’t it time to let them relax in a state of Zen?

This is a perfect option for churches to keep on hand for musicians who need a high quality in ear monitor immediately and cannot wait for the custom molds. Our universal in-ear monitors with ADEL actually help everyone turn their volume down and creates an overall better sound while performing.

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