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New Product Awards 2019 – Living As One RAY Encoder (Media & Communications, Other Media and Communication Product)

  • Living As One RAY Encoder.

Living As One has officially released the RAY Encoder, bringing the high-quality transmission of Living As One’s Resilient Streaming Protocol to a new smaller, more portable form factor. The RAY complements Living As One’s existing lineup of hardware encoders and decoders, now rebranded as PRISM. The new compact encoder (which measures 4.5”x4.5”x2” and weighs 2.6 pounds) is ideal for use in unpredictable environments where mobility is important or as a low-cost addition to any current Living As One system.

Since 2014, more than 800 organizations have trusted Living As One for mission-critical content distribution from one to many physical sites and online. Through the turnkey Multisite Platform, video is delivered to remote locations with unprecedented reliability and quality. The system includes Multisite Encoders for real-time video capture, LAN and Cloud distribution for scalable delivery, and Multisite Decoders for live/DVR playback.

In 2018, Living As One introduced the Web Platform, providing resilient delivery of content for viewers watching through web browsers, mobile devices, OTT devices, etc.

Resilient Streaming

Living As One’s Resilient Streaming Protocol (RSP) fully protects against audio and video quality loss during transmission, regardless of network interruptions, as long as the outage is not longer than the stream delay. The technology is intended to be used in any application which requires that a live multimedia viewing experience be free of imperfections, caused by transmission problems and not interrupted by missing or lost content. Because RSP guarantees complete and error-free audio and video delivery, it can confidently be used for live streaming over unpredictable networks, such as wireless cellular hotspots.

RAY Details, Specifications, and Benefits

The new Living As One RAY Encoder is built upon Intel NUC systems with upgraded hardware and custom Linux OS enabling RSP’s error-checking and redundant transmission ability. The encoder features one 3G HD-SDI input supporting video up to 1080p60 with 16 audio channels and compresses content through H.265/HEVC or H.264. At $1,299, Living As One’s most affordable encoder, the hardware also lowers the cost barrier to entry for organizations to utilize Living As One’s platforms.

The RAY Encoder benefits churches looking to get started with streaming or expand an existing Living As One system. Because of the low cost, smaller organizations can take advantage of resilient, high-quality transmission of RSP to stream reliably with inconsistent internet or even mobile hotspots, opening the door for them to stream even if it was previously impossible. The form factor of the RAY also allows it to be thrown in a backpack or used portably in a setting that would be prohibitive to other encoders.

For churches already utilizing the Multisite Platform, the RAY functions well as a low-cost encoder for secondary/unique video streams from the broadcast site. At receiving campuses, the RAY can also be used to send return video feeds back to the broadcast site or for on-demand service review after the weekend ends.

We are excited for the impact that the RAY will bring to churches of any size, to stream reliably for the first time or to add to their current systems, in order to more effectively accomplish their ministry goals. Thank you to all the judges and readers!

More info about the RAY encoder: https://livingasone.com/ray-encoder

A few quotes from our customers:

“Living As One has been a game-changer for Churchome. It sounds funny, but we can literally sleep on Saturday night knowing that things are going to work without a hitch for our Sunday services to stream to receiving sites and online. It’s easy to set up live stream events with custom links and it’s not laborious management process for our production team. We are excited to do way more with live-streaming on our newly launched Churchome Global mobile app now that we have an incredibly reliable and stable platform to partner with. So far an amazing experience and partnership for us.” – Justin Isenhart, Director of Business Support, Churchome

“Our first LA1 web event went off without a hitch. We had so much great feedback – from our team and from our viewers. ‘The quality is outstanding!’ ‘It loads so fast!’ One of our executive pastors was watching on vacation and he was blown away. ‘It even sounds better!’ Thank you for all your help getting us setup with this!” – Alex Cvitanovic, Production & Broadcast Director, Church of the King

“Throughout our testing, we’ve seen viewers watching on smart-TVs, mobile phones, and all sorts of devices. It’s pretty incredible how simple it is to reach everyone. We get just one embed code, schedule each service, and it works automatically without us having to touch anything. LA1 has been so reliable for our Sunday live and sim-live messages, that we are confidently using it to stream back our youth sessions from the beach, so the parents can see what their children are experiencing.” – Daniel Poston, IT Director, NewSpring Church

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