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New Product Awards 2019 – Lumens Integration VS-LC200 CaptureVision System (Video, Other Video Product)

Lumens VS-LC200 CaptureVision System supports 1080p 60/30fps recording. It supports four HDMI Inputs and IP video sources including Lumens IP cameras, NDI|HX Camera, and standard RTSP streams. The flexible scaling and window processing, supports PIP, PBP and up to four windows for layout and mixing. Multiple video files for recording and it supports up to four individual sources and one mixed video.

Advanced Scenes Switch. One-button preset displays layout, background and overlay. Seamless switch between sources without glitches and distortion. It supports HDMI-embedded audio or analog stereo audio with four channels of Audio Input mixing and gain control. There is a built-in 1TB HDD storage which supports up to 500 hours of video recording. It is compatible with third party content management systems such as Katura, Panatop, Opencast, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Livestream, Wowza, etc. Schedule streaming and recording using iCalendar and Google Calendar. Don’t forget to schedule the backup to an FTP site or third-party content management systems.

This is the go-to box for live streaming and recording for houses of worship.

This box will allow patrons to view live services in an overflow room, and from home. Services can be live streamed into another house of worship campus.

Special services can now be recorded and downloaded at a later time. Most importantly, fewer volunteers are needed to manage the product during services. This video streaming box comes with a five-year unlimited replacement warranty.

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