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New Product Awards 2019 – Mod Scenes DMX Hoist (Lighting, Other Lighting Product)

  • Mod Scenes DMX Hoist.
Mod Scenes DMX Hoists are incredibly unique lights that move vertically in a 3D space. Each hoist is comprised of a lifting motor and an RGB LED Luminaire. Each hoist has DMX controlled height, speed, dimmer, strobe, and color mixing. This product combines accuracy and speed to create a new concept of “moving light.”

Each DMX hoist is housed in a sturdy steel enclosure and utilizes a hardened Kevlar-coated cable to lift its luminaires. This cable houses a 4 conductor wire that powers and controls the luminaires, making setup easy! Luminaire shapes include Orbs, Tubes, and Cubes.


• 28 feet vertical travel (customizable)
• 20 inches per second travel speed
• RGB color mixing
• Locking connector for luminaire attachment
• Electronic safety brake that engages during power failure
• DMX in and thru via 3-pin and 5-pin DMX
• Powercon in and Thru
• Electronic switching power supply (100v‐240v, 50hz‐60hz operation)
• Up to 20 units can be daisy chained

Mod Scenes DMX hoists are a great tool to help create an atmosphere of awe to engage people in worship. Our DMX Hoists provide a compelling new visual that engages and energizes. The church should be a place of engagement and beauty to reflect the creative glory of our God. This product was designed to inspire and engage. The fluid movement and vast array of looks that can be accomplished with this product create a beautiful and moving atmosphere that is sure to greatly support your visual worship.

Although this new technology may seem daunting to some churches, the Mod Scenes DMX Hoists are backed by the stellar customer service and support from Mod Scenes. This focused support makes the process of using these units painless and impactful! Our DMX hoist units are designed to be reliable, safe, durable, and most importantly beautiful.

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