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New Product Awards 2019 – Ross Furio SkyDolly Ceiling-Mounted Motion Camera System (Video, Other Video Product)

  • Ross Furio SkyDolly Ceiling-Mounted Motion Camera System.
SkyDolly utilizes advanced Ross Furio Motion Camera Systems technology to unleash the creative potential of ceiling-mounted cameras.

Ceiling-mount cameras can now be used as primary cameras, contributing smooth, fast, accurate shots and movements suitable for live, virtual, and augmented reality productions.

SkyDolly provides greater flexibility in set design and enhances audience experience by replacing cranes and jibs, removing the camera from the floor, freeing up space and removing the camera from the audience’s line-of-sight.

SkyDolly’s Ross Furio roots ensures that it delivers smooth, stable performance – even while carrying a full payload, including a full-sized camera, lens, teleprompter and other accessories. This allows Furio SkyDolly to deliver much more than just beauty shots, but also serve as the primary camera in the production, providing maximum flexibility and practicality.

The Furio Dolly has been completely redesigned to ensure that the SkyDolly provides the most stable platform possible.

A three-wheeled base (TriDolly) eliminates the possibility of instability or loss of traction resulting from an imperfectly levelled track.

The wheel base has been lengthened by 60 percent, and widened the track by nearly 40 percent, virtually eliminating the possibility for the dolly to rock on the tracks.

Unlike most other “hanging” dolly systems, the Furio SkyDolly does not actually hang below the rails. This means that the entire weight of the dolly is above the rails, helping to raise the overall center of mass as close to the rails as possible – minimizing the pendulum effect that creates unwanted swaying in other systems.

The rail frame supports up to five times the maximum payload without flexing.

Low-noise cable trolleys mounted to inverted safety rails allow SkyDolly to be used on-air without disturbing talent or the audience.

Absolute Encoders on the track axis avoid the need for home or re-targeting required by other hanging rail systems and ensures reliable, accurate camera tracking for Virtual Sets and Augmented Reality productions.

Cameras can be tethered to the head and heads can be tethered to the dolly, ensuring the utmost safety for staff and equipment.

SkyDolly by Ross Video replaces cranes and jibs for primary cameras, removing set design restrictions and improving the production/audience experience.

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