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New Product Awards 2019 – Ross Video Ross Carbonite Ultra UHD Production Switcher (Video, Video Switcher or Scaler or Mixer)

  • Ross Video Ross Carbonite Ultra UHD Production Switcher.
Carbonite Ultra UHD is a software update that unlocks the 12G/UHD Functionality of the Carbonite Ultra production switcher. With this update, Carbonite Ultra becomes the definitive choice of UHD switcher for mid-market applications, offering the most complete UHD switcher feature set in this space at an incredibly affordable price. No other production switcher in the mid-size class is working at this level in UHD formats.

Carbonite Ultra UHD by Ross Video provides a substantial count of single-link 12G I/O and a complete production switcher feature set when operating in UHD formats:

• 18 12G Inputs
• 10 12G Outputs
• Up to 2 UHD MEs (2 HD MEs = 1 UHD ME, 3 HD MEs = 2 UHD MEs)*
• 2 MiniMES with full functionality
• 2 Channels of DVE
• 2 Channels of MediaStore with Key+Fill
• 2 Chroma Keys
• 1 MultiViewer (second MultiViewer available with additional license)*
• 2 freely-assignable frame sync/format converters/proc amps/color correctors (with additional license – 8 floating FSFCs, 4 output format converters, 8 floating proc amp / color correctors)*

*Note: these licenses are for functionalities used in SD, HD & 1080p formats. You’re not buying an additional UHD license, the UHD functionality is included with existing options for the system. Many existing Carbonite Ultra are going to be getting these 12G/UHD features without any additional purchases.

The best part?

This UHD feature set is more affordable than ever. Depending on the configuration of MEs, optional second MultiViewer, and additional signal-processing resources – the standout Carbonite Ultra 12G/UHD production feature set ranges from $16,900-$25,900 (USD).

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