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New Product Awards 2019 – SERIES Seating Model h Stacking Chair (Building Materials, Seating)

With the new SERIES® Model-h chair we set out to do the impossible – to engineer the best and most space efficient upholstered cushioned stacking chair in the industry. The Model-h does that:

• HIGH DENSITY STACK-ABILITY: Out-stacks other chairs – stacks up to 28 chairs high in custom cart – and still fits under eight-foot doorway
• STORAGE SPACE – Stores in 1/3 of the space of typical stacking chairs
• FRONT LOAD: Quick and easy front load stacking feature
• STEEL STRUCTURE: All steel tubular seat and back design – no nuts/bolts/fasteners and no molded plastic or plywood structures
• UPHOLSTERED COVERS: Easily replaceable fabric cushion covers for easy change out when needed
• ERGONOMIC: Unmatched comfort with cold-molded surround foam technology with flexible mesh interior
• LIGHTWEIGHT: Weighs just 16 pounds – easily manageable for anyone
• SPACE EFFICIENCY: Envelope dimension of just 22-inch allows for greater walkway space between rows and potential for more rows of seating equals increased capacity
• EASY GANGING: Innovative easy-link ganging system – in straight rows or radius

True INNOVATION is much more than the introduction of something new. If it does not meet a need or provide a benefit not being provided by others, it is not innovation. All of the details of the Model-h have been carefully designed and provide benefits and paybacks like no other upholstered stacking chair in the market. These unique features result in more than just another stacking chair – the SERIES® Model-h chair is the new standard in upholstered stacking chair design.

MULTI-PURPOSE: The SERIES® Model-h is designed for spaces with multi-functional elements in mind. When converting from an assembly function where the chairs have been interlocked in rows to a banquet setting where the chairs are used independently–the SERIES® Model-h is up to the task. Its lightweight design and high-density stacking capability allows for quick and seamless changeovers, with just a small number of team members. The Model-h can be used around any style banquet table with the fabric selected – or can be converted into a more sophisticated chair by adding one of our available SERIES custom seat covers.

LINKING SYSTEM: The SERIES® Model-h innovative interlocking linking system allows for quick and easy setup with perfect row alignment. Long rows of chairs can be solidly linked and unlinked in just a few minutes. With the SERIES® Model-h chair, linking chairs is easy. This system allows for perfect articulation to form visually appealing radius or straight rows with ease.

SPACE EFFICIENCY: The Model-h chair maximizes seating capacity and personal space with a compact envelope of only 22 inches. Increased capacity and traffic flow efficiency are all possible while staying within building code requirements.

ERGONOMICS: The Model-h features the SERIES patented surround foam system that provides unparalleled comfort and long-term performance. High-density cold-molded foam is used throughout the seat and the back – with the seat having an internal flexible mesh that prevents the occupant from bottoming out and minimizes heat build-up and discomfort. The contoured shape of the back also provides proper ergonomic support in stark contrast to many stacking chairs that have a flat back shape.

FUNCTIONAL DESIGN: From every angle, the SERIES® Model-h chair is a functional work of art – however, the elegantly curved seat backs and seat bottoms are designed with a purpose. This design not only is visually appealing, but also only provides superior ergonomic comfort and allows for the chairs unmatched stacking capability and stability up to 28 high. Unlike typical stacking chairs that begin to tilt and lean once you reach just 6-7 chairs, the Model-h can stack 28 high and still fit under an 8-foot doorway entrance in the custom cart.

TICKETED SEATING: A unique optional feature of SERIES® Model-h chair is the magnetic seat and aisle letter system designed to provide maximum capability in a flexible seating space. With the magnetic option, individual row letters and seat number plates can be easily removed with the included tool within seconds – eliminating the need to somehow try to place chairs back in their original position after chairs were moved and stored.

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