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New Product Awards 2019 – Shure TwinPlex™ (Audio, Microphone)

  • Shure TwinPlex™.
Houses of worship have many demands when it comes to audio performance. Whether it’s passage readings, live musical performances or sermon delivery, all demand pristine audio—durability. There should be no “ifs,” “ands,” or “buts.” Developed with input from leading audio professionals, TwinPlex can help house of worship tech teams deliver high-quality audio production that knows no bounds.

TwinPlex employed years and years of development and has been rigorously tested both internally and in the field to ensure it not only meets customers’ expectations, but exceeds them day after day, and service after service.

Measuring 5mm in diameter, TwinPlex’s ultra-thin, subminiature lavalier microphone stands up to the toughest conditions while producing pristine, natural audio at any frequency—high or low. Consisting of four lavalier microphones (TL45, TL46, TL47, TL48) and an ultra-light, fully-adjustable headset microphone (TH53), TwinPlex is available in multiple colors with extensive accessories and options.

TwinPlex’s cutting-edge dual-diaphragm design encompasses a speaker’s whole voice. The capsule design maximizes the effective surface-area by way of a streamlined and discrete solution, while the improved off-axis consistency enables sound to read accurately, even when users aren’t speaking directly into the microphone. This allows for a more natural and consistent vocal quality during the sermon or other presentation.

Over the course of its development and field testing, TwinPlex was pushed to the boundaries to simulate years of intense use. The ultra-thin, medical-grade cable was flexed, stretched, and pulled to its limits. The innovative spiral construction with redundant shielding design makes the cables immune to kinks and memory effects—ensuring they lay flat under any costume design or clothing. The superhydrophobic coating and interchangeable sweat-resistant frequency caps prevent perspiration and moisture from upstaging the audio.

Shure did not simply want to create another solution that would fall in-line with the industry standards. The company wanted TwinPlex to be the industry-standard. To do that, they consulted the real experts—the sound engineers, production mixers, etc., who work with these products daily—to understand what exactly was needed to create a product that could stand-up to the wear and tear of a performer’s demanding schedule and physical environment. From there, TwinPlex was born. The use cases speak for themselves…

According to Pete Schneider, owner of Gotham Sound, “We’ve put these mics on a number of different people, and they simply sound outstanding. The noise floor is really low, and there’s an appreciated lack of handling noise—clothing noise from the cable is actually nonexistent.”

Zoe Milton, a theater sound engineer, “The mics just lay flat, and they lay flat every time and for the whole length of the run. Whether we were trying to place the mics in a wig, or another discreet part of the costume, there were no kinks.”

“Knowing that I have a product in my hands that’s not gonna fail for me on a live show, it makes me have a lot of confidence when I’m working. This microphone is a game changer,” remarked Michael Abbott, broadcast production mixer.

The industry has noticed too. TwinPlex has been named a Best of Show Winner at NAB 2019 and InfoComm 2019. It was also recently named a finalist for 2019 AV Award.

Additionally, TwinPlex features numerous user-friendly features and benefits:

• Audio Quality: TwinPlex’s dual-diaphragm element empowers outstanding sound quality, excellent off-axis response, unprecedented low self-noise, and ultra-flat natural or tailored-for-speech sonic character with exceptional clarity.
• Durability: The product’s ultra-thin, medical-grade cable was flexed, stretched, and pulled to its limit during its rigorous testing period; the cables are immune to kinks and memory effects, so they lay flat under wardrobes. No sweat-outs either—the superhydrophobic coating and interchangeable sweat-resistant frequency caps keep perspiration from upstaging sound.
• Connectivity: TwinPlex has over 60 color, sensitivity, frequency response, and connector options that integrate into nearly any existing wireless ecosystem.

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