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New Product Awards 2019 – Theatrixx Technologies 8-Bay Reversible Rackmount Converter (Video, Other Video Product)

  • Theatrixx Technologies Inc. 8-Bay Reversible Rackmount Converter.
The Theatrixx Reversible Rackmount Converter system is the natural extension of the award-winning xVision Converter line, now available in a modular rackmount format, with the same processing quality and reliability that is the hallmark of the xVision brand. In a continuous effort by Theatrixx to eradicate unprofessional wall-warts from our industry, the modular design allows each system to be configured exactly as needed, and even reconfigured on-the-fly, with a host of modules available, featuring SDI, HDMI, Fiber, HDBaseT and more.

Whether it is the president addressing the nation or a pastor delivering the word of God, a brief moment of failure is enough to sabotage the whole spirit of a crowd and uninterrupted operation is of the outmost importance. The 8-slot, 3RU host unit features two oversized power supplies for unbeatable reliability and virtually uninterrupted uptime. Power supplies are configured for automatic switch over in case of failure with LEDs status indicators at the front of the unit. Mains power is delivered through two independent locking powerCON TRUE1 connectors.

The modules can be inserted in either direction, allowing the inputs/outputs to be positioned at the front or the back of the unit depending on the application. There are no exposed PCBs as all modules are enclosed, and therefore protected against static shock, dust and general wear and tear. Gold-plated, redundant spring pins with magnetic retention deliver DC power to the modules, meaning no messy cabling and external power bricks are needed. Since most churches operate with technical volunteers it makes the installation easier to understand, configure, more reliable without messy cabling.

The Theatrixx Reversible Rackmount Converter system is perfect for serious installations, houses of worship, rental, touring, broadcast and any other application requiring a professional and reliable high-density video conversion/processing solution. The compact design makes it good candidate, even in older churches where space might be more limited. The system is versatile and future-proof, and it eliminates the need for rack shelves, wall warts and Velcro. More modules will be added regularly.

With a product built to last a lifetime, technical directors from churches across the country can rest assured that not only will their equipment be dependable but also that their parishioners’ donations aren’t used on throw-away products.

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