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New Product Awards 2019 – Yamaha NEXO P12 Loudspeaker and L15 Subwoofer (Audio, Large-Format Loudspeaker)

  • Yamaha Yamaha NEXO P12 and L15.
NEXO P12 loudspeaker and L15 subwoofer

Churches are often the social hub of their community, needing to support weekly services and worship events, but also local activities such as commencements, school plays and even concerts by top touring acts. As a result, a church’s installed sound system must be able to handle any type of audio production, without the need to change out speaker systems for specific events, spending time and resources that most ministries don’t have.

NEXO systems are designed to alleviate these concerns and the newest models – the P12 multi-purpose loudspeaker and the L15 subwoofer cabinet – continue this approach.

The P12 multipurpose loudspeaker is the company’s first 12-inch enclosure, intended for a wide range of sound reinforcement applications, especially houses of worship.

Worship services typically include not only choirs, but also full multipiece bands with lead vocalists, background singers and instrumentalists. With a system like the NEXO P12, there is better dispersion because of the angle of the cabinet (good for vocalists) and variable dispersion means each box can be precisely tailored to its user, from the lead guitarist to the horn section to backing singers.

The P12 combines technical innovation, a curvy modern aesthetic and best-in-class specifications for high performance and versatility. NEXO has earned a long-standing global reputation for point-source loudspeakers, and the much-anticipated P12 promises to establish a new benchmark for all-purpose point-source cabinets that can deliver at front-of-house, on stage and as part of a distributed system.

Inside the curvilinear enclosure of custom birch and poplar plywood, the P12 employs a purpose-designed 12-inch low frequency neodymium driver and 3-inch diaphragm high frequency driver in a coaxial configuration. The cabinet’s compact footprint measures 531mm x 432mm x 317mm. Frequency response is 60 Hz-20 kHz, and the SPL is an impressive 138 dB peak (passive)/140 dB peak (active mode), making it the most powerful point-source design available.

In an innovative design twist allowing users to customize the P12 cabinet to their needs, the horn flanges can be interchanged to deliver a variety of directivities – from the 60 degrees x 60 degrees provided as standard to a 90-degree x 40-degree or an asymmetrical 50-degree – 100-degrees x 40-degrees. (The interchangeable flanges are available as accessories.)

Switching between different directivities can be accomplished in just 15 seconds, by easily removing the steel grille with a coin and replacing the flare, which uses a magnetic fixing. Weighing less than 20 kg, the ergonomically designed P12 includes carry handles on each side, a pole-mount fitting with an ingeniously positioned Speakon connector behind it, to allow tidy cable management and threaded inserts for connection of mounting accessories. The P12 can be used on a pole-mount with the L15 subwoofer cabinet, wall-mounted or flown in landscape mode beneath the L15 enclosure when using a specially designed yoke bracket.

NEXO expects one of the principal applications of the new P12 enclosure will be on stage as the most versatile wedge monitor speaker on the market. Its variable directivity feature will effectively treble the deployment of any inventory of P12 floor monitors, and the cabinet is designed for the rigors of touring and stage monitoring, with an extra-robust grille and newly designed scratch-resistant paint finish. This is the first use of this new paint process. Applied using a special process, the paint finish prepares the P12 for use in all climate conditions.

With a rear switch, the P12 easily reconfigures from Passive to Active mode, where it achieves 140 dB Peak SPL. This is the first NEXO speaker purpose-designed to use the processing capacity of NEXO’s new NXAMP4x2mk2 amplifier, although it is fully compatible with the larger NXAMP4x4. The processing in the NXAMP4x2mk2 is precise with separate set-ups for each directivity providing perfect coverage.

To partner with the P12, NEXO is launching the L15 subwoofer cabinet, specially designed in a matching footprint to make it ideal for flown applications or for use as a drumfill. With a new acoustic load using a 15-inch bass horn, the L15 is designed for maximum efficiency and output, as nearly the entire front face of the cabinet is used as a radiating surface. With a frequency range of 40 Hz-120 Hz, and 139 dB peak SPL, this sub measures up as the most powerful in its category.

As more ministries take their services on the road, touring and installation versions of the P12 and its partner L15 sub will be produced in the black and white scratch-resistant paint finishes. TUV and IP54 certification is provided for the installation version of the P12.

For more information, visit www.nexo-sa.com.

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