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New Product Awards 2019 – Yamaha STAGEPAS 1K portable PA system (Audio, Small-Format Loudspeaker)

  • Yamaha STAGEPAS 1K portable PA system.
Yamaha STAGEPAS 1K portable PA system

The term “multi-use venue” is a familiar phrase in the house of worship space, as facilities are not only hosting regular services, but also community events, concerts and everything in between. As a result, sound systems often need to be torn down and then set up again (often quickly) between services.

Churches are also taking their services on the road more regularly, bringing their message directly to audiences by traveling to youth camps or setting up “pop-up” churches at outside events, so a portable, all-in-one sound system is attractive to a church. In addition to sound quality and coverage, churches also need ease of use. Since many technical staff are volunteers, easy setup, essentially “plug-and-play” performance, is key.

One loudspeaker system that combines all these attributes is the Yamaha STAGEPAS 1K portable PA system. It can offer a small church the big sound they are looking for, while at the same time delivering the enhanced portability needed for mobile ministries. The new PA system improves upon previous models with a more powerful, yet compact system.

The STAGEPAS 1K is driven by a high-frequency array speaker packed with 10 small-diameter 1.5-inch drivers that provide professional-level accuracy and clarity. The system features a 1,000-watt Class-D amplifier, a significant upgrade in power.

A 12-inch subwoofer was developed to simultaneously house the sizable speaker and improve portability with its streamlined construction and reduced weight. To provide a clearer, stronger, distortion-free low end, Yamaha added the company’s own Twisted Flare Port technology to the subwoofer, to effectively reduce wind noise in the bass reflex port. The array speaker is simply affixed to the subwoofer cabinet, requiring no cables or speaker stands, for a fast and easy setup.

As churches take their message to events beyond their home worship space, remote editing capabilities are also necessary. The free STAGEPAS Editor iOS/Android app allows users to operate their remote parameter adjustments of volume and EQ. Additionally, to enable a more efficient rehearsal and performance workflow, settings may be saved and recalled for future sessions.

Unique to the STAGEPAS 1K system is a five-channel digital mixer. Located in the back of the subwoofer, it features three channels of mono microphone/line inputs and stereo inputs, with two of the mono input channels fitted with Hi-Z connectivity for direct input of acoustic-electric guitars and other instruments.

Like its predecessors, this mixer supports 1/8″ mini jacks, playback with Bluetooth devices, as well as a wide range of input sources from instruments to CD players, PCs and smartphones. The mixer also comes equipped with professional-level sound engineering tools, including 1-Knob EQ that handles multiband processing simultaneously, high-quality SPX digital reverb and an output Mode feature to adjust optimized compression settings to suit various applications, such as Speech or Music. By selecting the setting closest to the application, a more professional edge can be added to the sound without having to learn difficult compression/sound engineering principles.

The system also includes a carrying case to protect the speaker during transportation and storage, along with an optional DL-SP1K dolly for more convenient transportation.

The STAGEPAS 1K PA system puts the emphasis on efficiency and performance, combining professional functionality, simple operation and portability in a single package, along with a compact and powerful subwoofer necessary for performances that need a more robust low end or monitor mix.

For more information, visit https://yamaha.io/STAGEPAS1K.

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