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Solomon Awards 2018 – 1st Presbyterian Church of Spartanburg (Design and Installation of AVL System, Major Technology Upgrade [existing building])

Located in downtown Spartanburg South Carolina, First Presbyterian Church just celebrated their newly remodeled sanctuary and their remodeled repurpose room, Fogartie Hall building across the street. The church featured a beautiful sanctuary organ, that was dedicated to the church in 1968. The church’s vision was that all technical equipment would be completely hidden to maintain their traditional feel. Their goal was to have consistent audio and clear intelligibility while keeping the integrity of the church.

To keep with the hidden technology plan, the new Y series speakers from d&b audiotechnik were chosen due to their fidelity and power. They were installed into the ceiling and custom colored to be discreetly hidden into the natural wood beams. The new speakers created an environment where Pastor is able to whisper prayers that the entire congregation can hear; achieving intimacy and clarity in worship. Y speakers were distributed on the main floor and above the balcony while 5s speakers were installed under the balcony. The distributed speaker design provided clear and concise sound in every seat.

The lighting design enhanced the architectural elements of the sanctuary while creating a dramatic look for the live stream, augmenting the aesthetics of the sanctuary. ETC lights with an ETC lighting console was chosen to light the exquisite organ pipes as well as add dimmable LED house lights. Panasonic projectors were seamlessly added onto the existing wooden beams to project onto the walls. The RGB LED lighting added color to the front walls and cupola, creating an incredible effect for the chancel. Best of all, when the system is off, all technology is not seen.

Across the street from the main sanctuary is where the church’s old gym/multipurpose room was located. That room is now redesigned and renamed Fogartie Hall and is used for the church’s contemporary service. AE Global Media’s engineers designed and installed d&b V series speaker system with an Allen & Heath D-Live console. The AE Team also designed and integrated an environmental projection system powered with the new Vivitek 18k Lumin laser projectors. The engineering team worked with the building architects to create a stage design with a raised platform and a pullout center thrust. The broadcast and impact lighting consisted of ETC fixtures and control. Blackmagic ATEM video switching and Blackmagic hyper deck recording allowed for livestream to be simulcast service into Forartie Hall.

AE Global Media was able to design a sanctuary that achieved the goals of the church and kept the true nature of a traditional worship space that was so desired. First Presbyterian Church of Spartanburg can now deliver impactful worship ministry to a larger and growing congregation for many years to come.

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