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Solomon Awards 2018 – Berendo Street Baptist Church (Design and Installation of AVL System – New Building Sanctuary)

Troy Choi of Solid Sound Solutions was working with a very tight budget when he was contacted by Berendo Street Baptist Church for this project. The new sanctuary was going to be streamlined, clean and modern, and they wanted a streamlined audio system to match. The old sanctuary had been very traditional, and very acoustically unfriendly – so this new space had to have a system that would allow them to easily switch between the 100-piece choir and the pastor with his sermon, with fills throughout the audience.

Troy chose dBTechnologies VIO, DVX and Ingenia systems because of the value and sound quality they provided for the church. 12 VIO L210 boxes were flown in an array on each side of the stage, complemented by VIO S318 subs, 4 DVX DM12 boxes around the stage for monitor wedges and several IG1T, IG2T and IG4T units were affixed to walls and columns around the sanctuary and DVX DM12 boxes were placed in the lobby for full-building coverage.

Berendo Street Baptist Church was thrilled that they were able to fit all of those boxes into their limited budget, and they have been successfully using the system for two months now. Troy’s choice of the VIO system as the main line array for the room benefitted the church greatly, as they are able to utilize its high-frequency directivity control to adjust the system for both small 200 person meetings and 2000 person services that they may host in their sanctuary.

Berendo Street Baptist Church worked with both Troy and the sales rep firm MacWest Group to design the dBTechnologies system, as well as the dBTechnologies US Product Specialist Matthew Whitman and Sales Manager Colin Studybaker, who came on site during the install to answer any questions they had and oversee the deployment to make sure everything sounded perfect before their first service in the new sanctuary.

What sets this project apart from others is the respect Troy, MacWest and the team from dBTechnologies paid to both the budget and the design aesthetic of the new sanctuary at Berendo Street Baptist Church. The flagship VIO system was able to fit into their budget, and the clean lines and overall design of the audio install fit well into the new and modern look of the Berendo Street Baptist Church sanctuary.

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