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Solomon Awards 2018 – Carbondale Assembly of God (Design and Installation of AVL System, Major Technology Upgrade [existing building])

The expansion and remodeling project upgraded everything in the sanctuary. Pastor Phil Taylor wanted to implement environmental projection to create stain glass windows, icons and religious paintings. He also wanted to incorporate new technology, but keep the traditional church feel. Architectural elements played a huge role in the design to create a classical worship space.

The AE Global Media team met their first challenge with the shape of the building. The octagonal church wanted environmental projection, but wanted a five-projector wide blend of EP and I-Mag. The team installed a Green Hippo media server which allowed the full room delivering 225 degrees of environmental projection. The new Panasonic laser projectors were selected along with a Panasonic video switcher and PTZ cameras to complete video system, maximizing the visual impact of the sanctuary. The church is now able to create stained glass walls throughout the sanctuary giving it the classic feel Pastor Taylor was so passionate about.

The natural wood ceiling was originally covered decades ago but was re-exposed to give the design a timeless style feeling. The exposed wooden beams also helped open up the room. A new stage design was created to give more space for Pastor, the worship team and the musicians. Behind the stage, the AE Global team designed a large door system that when opened, it allows for quick changes in between services. This door system is flush with the stage design and is cleverly disguised as a cross when closed, completely hidden to the congregation. Along the stage and around the cross, new stonework was exposed and added. Not only did the stonework give an artistic aesthetic look, but as part of the acoustical design, this allowed the back of the platform to diffuse sound.

ETC light fixtures and broadcast lighting was installed around the stage as well as Light Source LED color to highlight the new architectural elements. The front of house console drives a distributed d&b audio system.

AE Global Media was able to design a sanctuary that achieved the goals of the church, incorporate striking architectural designs and kept the true nature of a classic worship space that was so desired.

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