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Solomon Awards 2018 – First Baptist Church Las Cruces (Building Contractor)

First Baptist Church Las Cruces is a traditional Baptist Church with an established and storied history exceeding a century located in the downtown commercial district of Las Cruces in a building originally constructed in the 1960s. The facility was updated/expanded in the 1980s and renovated in the mid-1990s. Additional buildings in the area were added to the campus to house support ministries for children and youth.

The church experienced several cycles of increased attendance followed by down turns in attendance over a period of several years. The church went through an extended time between senior pastors that has just recently changed with the current pastor accepting the call to ministry at FBC beginning in late Spring 2015.

Church leadership, recognizing the current facility was not sufficient for sustained growth, led a search for property on which to relocate the church campus beginning in 2009. In 2014, the church purchased approximately 18 acres of undeveloped land on Sonoma Ranch Blvd., and embarked upon a campaign to pay for the property and some initial site development costs.

With the land purchase complete, Church leadership desired to develop a master plan for the property and a Strategic Plan for relocating from current facilities to the newly acquired property.

The church has an extensive and effective Sunday School discipleship program with classes for all ages and family stages. The Sunday School program has been an integral part of the church for many years.

The church struggled with attendance during its time without a Lead Pastor, however, current staff and lay leadership did a remarkable job and continued to keep the church focused upon future expansion.

Church leadership envisioned a much larger Worship Center with an immersive experience, large community commons space and a dynamic children’s environment attracting young families with young kids. This will allow the church to grow and be a vibrant influence in the community for years to come.

Church leadership believes both Christian Education and dynamic ministry for Children and Youth to be crucial to the development of the church congregation and to growth in attendance. Emphasis was given to these areas when considering relocating the Church Campus. Adequately sized, dedicated, themed and secure Children’s space is a priority.

Construction on the new Sonoma Campus began in late January 2018 on the approximately 19,000 sf campus. Goff Companies acted as the Design Builder on the project. The project was completed in late November ahead of schedule and under budget. Goff Companies was able to find nearly $300,000 in savings during the course of construction that was returned to the church. With this new campus in the Sonoma Ranch area of Las Cruces, FBC Las Cruces became a multisite church. Goff Companies handled all aspects of the project for the church from design and construction to the purchase of their furniture, cafe equipment, children’s themeing and the full AVL system within our scope of work. Goff Companies was able to act as a turn key solution for FBC Las Cruces first multisite facility.

The facility was designed to be expandable while not impacting their existing facility or operation. Design for phase two is currently underway. The church has already experienced exceptional growth with the opening of the new campus. It has been a successful multisite model for the Las Cruces area.

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