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Solomon Awards 2018 – Holy Spirit Episcopal Church (Church Sanctuary Design, Non-AVL technology focused, Traditional and Contemporary)

  • Holy Spirit Episcopal Church - Renovation - Houston, TX 032618
Studio RED was selected to renovate the existing 10,700-square foot sanctuary building for Holy Spirit Episcopal Church and to design a 1,000-square foot Community Room/Parlor addition constructed west of the existing building. The renovation and modernization of the existing Sanctuary improves accessibility, increases natural lighting, and improves audibility of the spoken word and music through modifications to the Sanctuary finishes and Choir Loft walls.

This project was Phase One of the Holy Spirit campus master plan, also developed by Studio RED. The team developed the Master Plan through a series of weekly meetings with key groups from the church and school and structured the plan to be implemented in multiple phases based on the church’s financial and fundraising capacity.

Updates made in the Sanctuary building include removing existing carpet and adding stone at the aisles in the 350-seat Sanctuary and throughout the Narthex, refurbishing and respacing the pews, revising and supplementing interior lighting, as well as modifying and raising supply air ducts to allow for an unobstructed view of existing stained-glass panels. The center aisle was widened to increase accessibility and wheelchair seating locations were added. The Narthex at the south side of the nave was opened-up for improved visual access and a hearing loop was installed to assist individuals with reduced ranges of hearing.

The addition of acoustical room shaping on the choir loft walls enhances sound projection of the choir voices and the distributes sound more clearly throughout the sanctuary. Finishes were also updated in the Sanctuary and adjoining church spaces to support the function of the church. Renovations made to the 8,500-square f sootanctuary/nave area and 1,200-square foot choir loft reveal a bright, open, and inviting space that welcomes patrons visually, auditorily, and functionally. Sanctuary finishes and choir loft wall improvements enhance the overall acoustical experience for the congregation through increased music projection of the choir and clearer spoken word projected from the Chancel.

The new 1,000-sf addition constructed west of the Sanctuary building includes a Community Room/Parlor and an enlarged accessible women’s restroom. The existing men’s and women’s restrooms that were in a space adjacent to the Narthex were demolished and replaced with an enlarged accessible men’s restroom. The new Community Room/Parlor provides the church with much-needed meeting space that serves a wide range of church groups. With the Community Room/Parlor located adjacent to the enlarged women’s restroom, the Parlor can also serve as a Bride’s Room for weddings with the restroom for the bridal party conveniently located across the vestibule. The Parlor will also serve as a Family Room at funerals, a place where bereaved family members can gather together before and after the service.

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