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Solomon Awards 2018 – Redemption Church (Design and Installation of AVL System, Major Technology Upgrade [existing building])

Pastor Ron Carpenter decided last year to step down from his 21,000-member multi-campus Redemption Church in Greenville, South Carolina where he would then move his ministry to San Jose, California. Here, he took over The Jubilee Christian Center, where it was rebranded, Redemption Church. Pastor Ron felt he wanted to work on his ministry of fellowship and he wanted to Pastor. San Jose would be the perfect place for this to create a much-needed church culture. Pastor Ron left Greenville with the goal of making lives better for people in San Jose.

The biggest challenge for the AE Global Media team was the current architectural design and construction of the church, it was classic Greek column chancel with modern fan design seating. Pastor Ron thrives being an edgy, modern church; technology is at the forefront of his approach. From the stage, to the platform, lighting, sound and video, there wasn’t a wall in the building that wasn’t touched in the new remodel. The goal was to create a ultra-modern worship experience.

“So about 20 years ago, me and my wife said we were going to break down these walls between people and we’re going to pull all these ages and all these races into one building, and music and sound and our video has been a huge part of blurring those lines and getting all these people to come together,” said Pastor Carpenter. “A lot of the video investment that we made and tried to become tech savvy to go after a new generation, we are now beginning to see the real fruit and the real return on our investment.”

Lighting and stage design became the main focus of this first phase in the new building. The Grand MA2 lighting console was used to drive both the presentation video with the Green Hippo as well as the lighting system. A lighting grid implementing the Mega Baton was designed and installed over the stage and preaching platform that allowed for flexibility and versatility in lighting design. This in conjunction with a 70 foot wide, 10 foot tall 3.9 mm LED wall, gave ultimate flexibility to the stage and broadcast looks.

AE Global Media worked with the Redemption church team and Panasonic to create a 4K room. Thirteen cameras were installed and this allowed for the transition between 1080p and 4K. This install and design lets the church up to grow with technology as more outlets become 4K without having to upgrade. Panasonic laser projectors that integrated with the new cameras solved several problems in the design. The live congregation is able to have an intimate worship feel with Pastor, feeling as if Pastor is close through video.

The AE Global Media team tweaked the acoustical design and three Midas Pros upgraded the sound. Redemption church is the only church in America worshiping the way they are with combination of resolution 4K; having a live worship experience and broadcasting on major networks and social media.

Pastor Ron’s vision is now being realized through innovative worship technology and as technology continues to advance, so will Redemption Church.

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