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Solomon Awards 2018 – River Pointe Church (Church Design – Youth and Children’s Spaces)

  • River Pointe Church Children's Building - Richmond, TX 051118
Studio RED was selected to design a new 34,000-square foot, two-story children’s building to house 400 children, ranging in age from birth to third grade. The children’s ministry was originally housed in temporary buildings, but this new space provides flexible areas for children and mothers alike. The children’s building includes nursing rooms, a large outdoor balcony that doubles as an open-air classroom, large family restrooms and specialized rooms designed for children of varying ages. Several classrooms function as large multi-purpose worship space during the week. Children from birth through third grade enjoy both worship and recreation rooms and a mobile check in system ensures safety is prioritized. A colorful metal exterior wall makes the building feel whimsical and inviting.

In addition to flexible interior spaces, the children’s facility features unique outdoor worship space, designed to engage kids of all ages. The Yard includes a pavilion, turf area for play and a Luckey Climber. Luckey Climbers are three-dimensional sculptures offering children an opportunity to climb while problem solving and thinking spatially. Part jungle gym, part artwork, the installation activates the outdoor space and encourages children to interact and engage with each other.

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