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Solomon Awards 2019 – Blackhawk Church (Facilities Management)

  • Blackhawk Church.
Blackhawk Church is a community of dedicated staff, congregants and community members who occupy three beautiful church buildings across the Madison region in Wisconsin. The organization’s facility team strives to provide a clean, healthy and peaceful environment for congregants.

Originally, the team worked primarily off of a paper-based system and struggled to maintain the amount of work that needed to be conducted to maintain high standards for each building. The team soon realized that optimizing facility operations was necessary, particularly to grasp their budget, keep up with the amount of incoming work orders and effectively run the team.

The church facility team evaluated options and decided to implement AkitaBox facility management software and data collection services. The AkitaBox team consulted with Facility Director Matt Kautzky, who advised them on specific needs for the facilities. AkitaBox then used a proprietary method tailored to Blackhawk Church’s building portfolio.

First, an implementation team walked each building to verify existing floor plans, located and pinned critical space and assets on the building’s floor plans, and captured additional data points within a profile, such as an asset’s make, model, manufacturer and serial number, or a room’s name, number or floor type. Next, AkitaBox had floor plans modeled by a team of Revit specialists and integrated into the software platform, ensuring the most accurate depiction of the building’s space and assets.

A dedicated Customer Success Manager was then assigned from AkitaBox to set up a custom preventive maintenance program for Blackhawk Church’s locations, identify a roll out strategy for training facility staff at each location, and facilitate the final software deployment.

In the end, more than 131,886 square feet of data was collected, including placing QR codes on assets and taking 360-degree photos of mechanical rooms for the facility teams to access in the software.

The entire process end-to-end took less than 90 days to complete, which is a huge feat, considering the size of the church and the many activities conducted within it throughout the year. Downtime and interruptions to the church were minimal.

Since the final deployment in February, the church has seen phenomenal results in their maintenance program.

Kautzky has set up workflows for his team that proactively assign work as it comes in. Work orders have been streamlined in the facility, and are completed as they come in. On average, work orders are completed within the day. In addition, Kautzky has gotten his reactive versus preventative work order ratio down to almost 1:1, which is an incredible statistic.

But the benefits go beyond maintenance for the church. Kautzky says that now that every room in each church building has a square footage assigned to the facility, audits have been transformed for Blackhawk. They’ve been able to come up with a price per square foot for their budget, which is a key metric to determine if they are in line with other churches as they go through the audit process. In addition to transforming the way audits are conducted, the system helps accounting prepare for future audits.

Besides implementing AkitaBox, Blackhawk Church has spearheaded a number of innovative programs that enhance their facilities program, including an outstanding energy savings program.

After implementing sustainable systems such as light fixtures, boilers and VAV boxes, Blackhawk Church had an estimated energy savings in 2018 of 563,103 kWh of electricity, 1,682 kW in demand and 303.5 therms of natural gas.

In the future, the church has plans to continue to build the AkitaBox program and utilize it to its fullest, allowing congregants and staff the best possible experience in the facility and maintaining a peaceful place of worship.

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