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Solomon Awards 2019 – Daybreak Community Church (Design and Installation of Video Display or Lighting Design)

Led by Wes and Claudia Duplin, Daybreak Community Church has always had the vision to reach people who need Jesus. Their first service in October 1989, in an elementary school gym attracted 327 people. Today, approximately 1,400 people attend Daybreak church each weekend. Pastor Duplin and his wife reached out to CEO Donnie Haulk and the AE Global Media team to design a fully functional camera system and broadcast room, to reach even more members of the community and to implement a new 4K LED wall.

The church wanted to revitalize the sanctuary and bring a visual dynamic to a new broadcast service and the streaming. A 312 panel, 20-foot-tall by 46-foot-wide 4K resolution Absen LED wall was installed and was specifically chosen to look good for broadcast, and to bring a visual dynamic to Sunday services. The screen also seamlessly fit with the existing stage design. “The impact of the LED allows us to have an entirely new scene; with a click of a mouse. We think of it like set pieces, but better,” said Mark Courtney, Creative Arts Director of Daybreak, who manages all on screen content for the church.

Daybreak Community Church also wanted the highest resolution that the budget would allow, and to fill the whole space. The LED wall was intimidating at first, but once the design team at Daybreak got accustomed to it, they realized the design possibilities were endless. One challenge the Daybreak team had to tackle was with text, such as scripture. Placement either high or low could make stage items or instruments look incorrectly sized; a challenge they welcomed.

AE Global Media then implemented the new Martin Rush series impact lighting and moving robotic lighting. The lighting design was specifically created for the worship portion of the service and by adding movement with the lighting, it added the energetic characteristic to the service that the church was looking for. Daybreak Community Church wanted the new light design to make everyone in the audience feel as if they were at a high energy concert and the robotic lighting, was to enhance and bring a different perspective for the worship. The design was a big upgrade as the church had older movers and theatrical ETC fixtures that were better purposed for plays.

“Daybreak wants to create a concert environment. We want people that are struggling in life, to be able to come to our church and feel normal; feel like they are experiencing real life and feel like they are experiencing a real-life concert and you [President and CEO Donnie Haulk and the AE Team] helped us to get there,” said Courtney.

The last part of the Daybreak project was to create a broadcast room. The room design was tackled after the LED wall and lighting were chosen, so what was left in the budget was dedicated to this much needed room. It was a design challenge to stay within the budget, but to develop the level of broadcast that they wanted. From the very first Facebook live of Sunday’s service was a success. “I was amazed at the amount of people that logged on without any marketing or any push; hundreds of people watching on the first Sunday,” said Haulk. Daybreak continues to break their own personal records every Sunday with existing and new members tuning in for their live broadcast services.

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