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Solomon Awards 2019 – Eastern Hills Community Church (Design and Installation of Video Display or Lighting Design)

  • Eastern Hills Community Church.
Diversified was approached by Eastern Hills Community Church in Aurora, Colorado, in late January 2019 with the goal to complete a theatrical lighting and video display installation in time for Easter – less than three months away! The church had been progressively upgrading their production systems over the previous three years and this phase represented the last step.

The primary goals were to create a multi-layered modern theatrical lighting system with high color saturation that would be capable of a variety of looks and feels from the same design, alongside a center LED wall as a digital canvas to replace a 55-inch flat panel TV during teaching and repositioned IMAG side screens.

Ideas had been discussed previously but with a firm budget and aggressive timeline, the Diversified team went to work, creating a design concept that would meet the church’s creative requirements, while also fitting inside the budget and installation timeline. The lighting system is centered around Chauvet Rogue LED wash and spot fixtures for key light and stage design.

Every fixture’s output can be repositioned from the console, making variety of stage configurations easy, as well as minimizing the total number of required fixtures and allowing for a smaller quantity of higher quality fixtures than would otherwise be possible. High impact came from a surprise fixture – the Chauvet M-PIX, providing a really relevant creative look, without requiring the investment in other fixtures 10-plus times the cost. A collection of Tyler Truss and Cosmic Truss U-Torms provides lighting positions at various elevations for a three-dimensional look that minimizes negative space on camera shots. A new Pathway Pathport sACN control system interconnects all of the fixtures with the lighting console. The fixtures match well with the church’s previously completed LED house lighting system, allowing the entire room to be enveloped in the experience.

The center digital canvas display is ground supported THOR: Edge 3.4mm LED panels with Novastar processing. A PRG M-Box media server provides content to the screen, controlled by the church’s Grand MA console. The THOR: product looks excellent, both in the room and on camera, providing tremendous bang for the buck! It was also stocked in the United States, avoiding the additional cost of import tariffs and the long lead time other LED product is susceptible to.

An interesting final touch is the “video cross” that was added at the end of the installation, comprised of seven LED panels. The church was looking for a way to maintain focus on such an important visual of Christianity but in a modern and fresh way. Because it is comprised of LED video, the cross aesthetic can be made to match whatever design is on stage and screen. It has been one of everyone’s favorite parts of the finished system.

The Diversified installation and rigging team descended on the Eastern Hills campus as more of an army, to complete the install in early April 2019. They successfully transitioned the room from the old, worn out system, to the new one ahead of schedule, giving the church staff two extra days for training and programming to prepare for the first services with the new system beyond the original expectations.

The church’s leadership have highly praised the impact that this system has had on their worship environment, as well as the fact the new capabilities did not come alongside any debt. Diversified’s design creativity, buying power, flexibility in process, favorable payment terms, and precision in project management and execution allowed the church to meet all of their goals in completing their technology upgrade, sooner than would have been possible with any other partner. Phil EuBank, senior pastor, said, “…the difference with Diversified’s process and team (compared to others they have worked with over the years) … I can’t even begin to tell you. Fast, efficient and excellent. So good.”

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