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Solomon Awards 2019 – Hope Fellowship (Church Building Design – Traditional and Contemporary)

  • Hope Fellowship; Frisco, Texas.
SPACE had previously served Hope Fellowship Church on two prior occasions – both involving buildouts of former grocery stores for multisite locations. The third project for the church involved the expansion and renovation of their original home campus in East Frisco, Texas. The church was quickly outgrowing their original sanctuary, classrooms and office spaces.

The program was driven by the limits of the site, bounded on all sides by existing housing developments. Because of local ordinances, the total size of the facility was limited by the number of available parking spaces. Therefore, SPACE determined the maximum expansion size available through an analysis of the site and a balance of the total parking spaces with the total size of the facility. Additions were designed at the South and Northwest sides, adding approximately 63,986 square feet of new space onto the existing 36,686 square foot original building.

The South addition provides a new 1,600 seat auditorium space and doubles the size of the original lobby. Because of an 8-foot drop in grade along the southern portion of the site, SPACE designed an auditorium which has a flat floor for about two-thirds of the seating area and a split stadium setup along the back one-third seating area.

Entrance into the auditorium from the lobby is made at the center level of the stadium seating, which is also at the same height as the main platform. Backstage support spaces provide separate pastor’s and multi-purpose green rooms separated by a toilet/hospitality core, AVL broadcasting suite, and large storage areas. The expanded lobby has two primary entrances – one on each side – which directly faces the bulk of available parking.

The northwest addition provided expanded space for the Children’s Department, adding additional classrooms and large group meeting spaces. The existing building was redesigned to dedicate all areas to the children and youth departments.

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