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Solomon Awards 2019 – NorthCross Church (Church Building Design – Traditional and Contemporary)


NorthCross Lutheran Church in Lakeville, Minnesota, experienced such tremendous growth that their existing site and facility could no longer accommodate their ministry. They purchased a new site, recognizing the benefit of relationship to the growing residential neighborhood, the adjacent local high school, and potential partnership with a residential senior facility.

The site had yet to be developed, because of its odd shape (triangular) and challenging grades. Through the master planning process, Station 19 Architects partnered with NorthCross, to plan the appropriate facility location, size, and parking to support their current ministry vision: “Lead people to Jesus by sharing timeless truth in a timely way,” and continued growth.

With the residential senior facility taking the east corner of the property, the NorthCross facility occupies the center of the site and is oriented toward the corner and the heart of the neighborhood. A limited exterior material palate of masonry, neutral-toned stucco, warm wood, and contrasting accents reflects the owner’s desire to balance relevant and timeless design.

Flexible, multipurpose spaces throughout the building helped stretch the budget to meet the owner’s ministry needs of education, gathering, and connections. Minimal and yet playful kids’ education spaces reference a town square park, with abstract trees and city building themed rooms.

Each room seamlessly incorporates its theme from the frosted glass overlays to the wall artwork, colors, and furniture creating a kid-friendly space and easy way-finding for both children and their parents.

The main education hallway features a wood-slatted neighborhood that provides durability and interest while blending seamlessly with the wood accents in the lobby atrium and worship space. Linear lights, linear wood-look ceiling clouds, and geometric soffits provide directionality, way-finding, and define points of interest in the larger connection spaces.

The 400-seat multipurpose worship center offers an inviting, sacred space for Sunday worship and allows flexibility for various community and outreach events and has an expansion plan.

Today, NorthCross Church has a variety of flexible ministry spaces ranging from the large community-sized lobby to the mulitipurpose kitchen, sacristy and volunteer room. Each space is tailored and individualized to the current NorthCross culture, but flexible enough to adjust for the next generation of ministry.


• 400-seat multipurpose worship space with expansion plan for 800 seats
• 200 parking stalls, landscaping with exterior gathering areas
• Multipurpose, light-filled lobby atrium orientated towards neighborhood corner and views to exterior landscaping
• Multiuse and flexible education rooms (five total) and kitchen/volunteer room.


• One-story building of Type II-B Construction
• Precast concrete worship center with cultured stone & black metal accents
• Metal stud and steel-framed lobby & education wing with EIFS, glass storefront & cultured stone accents
• Precast walls were left exposed in the lobby & polished concrete at the café and worship platform provide durability & reduce the amount of interior finishing required
• Floating ceiling clouds and acoustic deck provide sound treatment in the lobby and worship space
• LED lighting on occupancy and daylighting sensors
• Rooftop mechanical units on isolation curbs limit sound transfer into gathering spaces

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