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Solomon Awards 2019 – Prestonwood Baptist Church (Church Design – Youth and Children’s Spaces)

  • Prestonwood Baptist Church.
Prestonwood Baptist Church is one of the largest churches in the United States, with a membership of over 43,000 people. The church has their own dedicated 700-seat Youth Facility that was built in 2004, and while the existing building was spacious, it had significant acoustical issues.

Prestonwood wanted a more modern, engaging feel to the space, making the audience feel more included with what was happening on the stage.

They also wanted a space that sounded good acoustically, and could provide an immersive experience, while still being versatile and customizable for the other events often held in the building.

The expansive renovation of the Youth Facility began in January of 2018. The project would include updating the look and feel of the space, installing all new AVL systems, and fixing significant acoustical issues within the building. Paragon 360 carefully designed a beautiful worship space, that could be customized to specific events on the building.

The first way Paragon 360 did this, was to design and provided multiple custom scenic and staging elements for the space. Included in those elements were large 13-foot wide by 20-foot high illuminated walls that could be rolled on and off the stage, allowing the stage opening to be shrunk down for smaller events and opened up for large events. Lateral movement of the walls allowed for multiple setups on the stage, adding to the venue’s flexibility.

To make the space engaging and immersive, Paragon 360 designed and installed custom illuminated wall treatments along the walls of the room, creating cohesion with the stage and room. These encircling elements made for a very intimate and immersive experience throughout the space. All of the custom units were designed, built, and installed by Paragon 360, adding to the versatility of the space while enhancing the inclusive feeling when standing in the room, thus greatly improving the engagement.

When considering the church’s wishes for better acoustics in the building, Paragon 360 knew they would need significant changes to the existing space. Lack of clarity caused by an acoustically reverberant environment was prevalent. Paragon 360 knew that designing and installing a wonderful audio system would not be in the church’s best interest, if the acoustics could not be fixed, so they began designing a fix. To bring the room under control, and achieve the intelligibility required, Paragon 360 treated the walls with more than 5,500 square feet of FabriTRAK acoustical wall systems. This solution allowed for improvement of the acoustics, while simultaneously accentuating the aesthetics of the scenic elements.

An additional 1,680 square feet of Bass Buster was applied to help control the low end. The result was a well-controlled space that was ready for a state-of-the-art audio system. The loudspeaker system that Paragon 360 installed in the main room consisted of two nine-box LINA arrays from Meyer Sound, each backed up by three Meyer Sound 750-LFC low frequency cabinets. Three UPQ-1P point source loudspeakers provided extreme left, right, and center fill. Front fill was provided by eight Meyer Sound UP-4XP. With the space being primarily for youth activities and concerts that may be held in the building, excellent low frequency performance was a design consideration and the two Meyer Sound 1100-LFC subwoofers did not disappoint.

Front of house mixing duties were accomplished on a DiGiCo SD5 console, complete with an SD stage rack that incorporated all of the floor pocket inputs. Two remote SD-Mini Stage Racks located on stage featured all 32-bit Stadius input cards and Dante integration. Musicians were provided in-ear monitoring using the Roland M-48 system coupled with Shure PSM 1000 wireless systems.

The video installation for Prestonwood’s Youth Facility focused on the desire for the students and other users of the building to feel included with what was happening on stage, so further engage an audience, the video would have to be clear, vibrant and customizable.

A Primeview 39-foot, 4-inch wide by 16-foot, 4-inch tall LED display screen was a perfect solution for this need. The Epic Series 3.9mm Direct View video display covered the majority of the stage’s back wall, giving the audience a stunning display that is easily seen from every aspect of the room. Content on the LED Display was controlled by ProVideoPlayer software, running on a Mac Pro, allowing the staff full and easy control on the screen.

The new lighting system designed for Prestonwood’s Youth Facility was chosen with versatility in mind, meeting the church’s goal of being able to use the space for a variety of events. Prestonwood wanted a brighter and more vibrant space to appeal to its younger audience. Paragon 360 answered the need with Chroma-Q Inspire XT fixtures, which gave the church the ability to flood the entire room with color and light. The new stage lighting was transformed to an all LED lighting system, removing the need for traditional dimming. Moving light fixtures included the new Vari-Lite VL2600 Spot, as well as the Chauvet Rogue R3 Wash fixtures, and the front lighting featured the Chauvet Ovation E-910FC ellipsoidal fixtures.

Easy and safe access to this equipment was important, so Paragon 360 included the ETC Prodigy P1 family of hoists, including the compact Cable Management System for a clean installation. DMX control was networked using ETC Gateways, and the entire system could be controlled with the grandMA3 lighting console, which provided the latest advancements in control concepts. The custom scenic and staging elements provided by Paragon 360 include interior LED illumination built in that matched and could be coordinated with the overhead lights, further emphasizing the immersive feeling of the room.

After new audio, scenic elements, video, lighting, and significant acoustic treatments, Prestonwood’s youth building was transformed. It became an engaging, versatile, and acoustically pleasing space that met the needs and goals of the church.

Paragon 360 carefully considered these goals while designing the renovation, to ensure that the end product met all the needs of Prestonwood First Baptist. The space can now be used for years to come in a variety of options and can be easily customized.

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