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Solomon Awards 2019 – Prestonwood Baptist Church (Design and Installation of Video Display or Lighting Design)

  • Prestonwood Baptist Church.
Prestonwood reached out to Paragon 360 in January of 2018 for the expansive renovation of the Youth Facility. The project would include updating the look and feel of the space, along with new video and lighting systems. Paragon 360, who has been working with Prestonwood Baptist Church on various projects for more than 17 years, was selected for their ability to compete the entire project in a turn-key, design-build approach on a short timeline.

Paragon 360 led the renovation effort for the $3.5 million project. One of the biggest objectives of the project was to completely transform the experience in the space, top to bottom.

The church needed the youth space to be versatile, as it’s one of the most used spaces in the building, incorporating a wide range of services and events from small to large. These events including everything from youth worship spaces to theatrical productions, guests speaking events and special events.

Prestonwood understands the challenges of keeping future generations engaged and active in the church, and the importance of creating an engaging environment to reach them with.

The video installation for Prestonwood’s Youth Facility was focused on their desire for the students and other users of the building to feel included with what was happening on stage. A Primeview 39-foot, 4-inch wide by 16-foot, 4-inch tall LED display screen was a perfect solution for this need. The Epic Series 3.9mm Direct View video display covers the majority of the stage’s back wall, giving the audience a stunning display that is easily seen from every aspect of the room. Content on the LED display is controlled by ProVideoPlayer software, running on a Mac Pro, allowing the church full and easy control on the screen.

The main video switcher is Ross Carbonite Solo 13 frame, with a CB-1 control surface. The system includes a Ross 34 x 34 3G/SDI Router. The main camera is a Sony HDC3100 with CCU and remote. A Riedel MediorNet Compact was installed and interfaced to the church’s MediorNet communications infrastructure, to provide hardwired production intercom, digital video and audio tie lines and Bolero Wireless Intercom capability.

Paragon 360 also installed three Panasonic 84-inch displays and two 65-inch displays in the Youth Facility for Digital Signage displays. Content distribution and scheduling for the digital signage system is provided by BrightSign XD234 players.

The new lighting Systems designed for Prestonwood’s Youth Facility renovation were chosen with versatility in mind, preparing the space for a variety of uses.

Prestonwood wanted a brighter and more vibrant space than before appealing to its younger audience. Paragon 360 answered the need with Chroma-Q Inspire XT fixtures, which gave the church the ability to flood the entire room with color and light. The new stage lighting was transformed to an all LED lighting system, removing the need for a traditional dimming. Moving light fixtures include the new Vari-Lite VL2600 Spot, as well as the Chauvet Rogue R3 Wash fixtures, and the front lighting features the Chauvet Ovation E-910FC ellipsoidal fixtures.

Easy and safe access to this equipment was important, so Paragon 360 included the ETC Prodigy P1 family of hoists, including the compact Cable Management System for a clean installation. DMX control was networked using ETC Gateways, and the entire system can be controlled with the grandMA3 Lighting Console, which provides the latest advancements in control concepts. The custom scenic and staging elements provided by Paragon 360 include interior LED illumination built in.

At the center of the room’s design, was the LED wall. This combined with custom scenic and staging elements provided by Paragon 360, really gave the church ultimate flexibility in how the background gets used. The lighting system throughout the room enhanced the experience and created a much more immersive experience. The lighting and LED wall combined allow for very simple, static or traditional feels to the most contemporary of environments.

“One of the drivers to us getting these projects right every time, is that we listen hard to what they are really trying to do from a ministry stand point,” remarked Donnie Brawner, Owner/CEO at Paragon 360. “We are not there to tell them how to do church or shove equipment at them. We are not selling equipment, we are selling solutions. We are there to help their ministry be successful. That’s the real measure of a projects success.”

Bryan Bailey, the Director of Media for Prestonwood Baptist Church stated, “Paragon 360 is one of those companies that I know whatever I’m dealing with, they are going to come in and they’re going to get it done right.” Paragon 360 did just that, by transforming a large room into the ideal, engaging space for Prestonwood’s youth.

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