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Solomon Awards 2019 – Pure Heart Church (AVL Design and Installation – Other Religious Building or Use)

Pure Heart Church is a multicampus and multigenerational congregation that serves the greater Phoenix metropolitan area and is located in the suburb of Glendale, Arizona.

Pure Heart Church has been a key evangelical ministry in the Valley of the Sun for 15 years with more than 4,000 members and 7,500 decisions for Christ.

When the leadership at Pure Heart Church approached 5 Words Media, with the opportunity to design their youth center, they had some key needs to be addressed.

The first was the building to be used was currently a gymnasium that had been converted into a multipurpose space. This required a complete remodel of the interior of the space, along with a physical addition to space. 5 Words Media worked closely with the Pure Heart architectural and design team to supply expertise and knowledge to all the infrastructure requirements for the audio, video and lighting systems in the building. The initial work completed, as is the case with many houses of worship projects, funding needed to be acquired once a design and a budget were determined.

The leadership at the church approached the congregation with their hearts and desire for the youth and Pure Heart Church, and then with the needs and costs of the new building. Funding was acquired quickly, to allow the project to move forward.

Pure Heart Church leadership has a desire to use two key concepts to raise and disciple their youth and nurture the relationship they have with God.

The first is to put them in real contact with the adults to disciple the youth. Pure Heart Church also understands that youths need a space where they can grow and serve and be discipled with their peers. Out of these two concepts, 5 Words Media was able to have the opportunity to design and provide the audio, video and lighting needs in the new youth center.

Our key contact at Pure Heart Church for the audio, video and lighting is Matt Nystrom, Pastor of Creative and Technical Arts. Matt has his finger on the pulse of the needs at Pure Heart Church for audio, video and lighting.

The completed building consists of these rooms: the main worship room, the lobby, and the upstairs game and loft area overlooking the main worship room. The system design includes audio, video and lighting in all these spaces. Including house lighting, and special ruggedized acoustic wall treatments to improve the sound quality of the space and yet endure the energetic activities of youth.

5 Words Media provided all the design, drawings and infrastructure requirements for the project.

The audio system consists of Electro-Voice EVA speakers installed in a cluster, two dual 18-inch subwoofers, EVU fill speakers, and Dynacord DSP-based audio amplifiers. A BSS digital signal processing system and simple control interfaces. The front of house audio mixing console is by DiGiCo, along with a digital snake box, Aviom personal monitor mixers, an eight-channel IEM wireless monitoring system, eight channels of wireless microphone audio, along with 32 analog inputs and an additional 16 analog outputs in custom Wallplates, two stage monitors, a hardwired microphone package for solo and drum kit. The video systems included video projection, using a 1,300 lumens video projector, and large electric screen, a rear-facing 5,000-lumen confidence display. All the necessary hardware to hang these projectors.

The video sources and distribution system were made up of primarily Blackmagic Design products and included a smart hub 20 by 20, UltraStudio 4K Switcher Sync generator, mini converter for SDI to HDMI and HDMI to SDI distribution. The video cameras are Sony and Canon cameras, provided by the customer.

The lighting system consists of 80 feet of square segment truss all rigged, suspended from the ceiling with Altman distribution boxes for power and DMX. The lighting control interfaces for how sliding and utility lighting are by pathway and consisted of 6 DMX nodes and 6 Decora wall interfaces with four buttons for accessing preset lighting scenes. The lighting control console is a Jands Vista S1 control surface.

The fixtures themselves are by Elation, eight 300 Watt RGBA pars for wash, eight 200 Watts RGBA pars for over stage, four 100 Watt pars on the vertical trust on vertical truss, and four 200 watt LED RGBA moving beam spotlights. One Elation Haze machine adds atmosphere to the room. 5 Words Media was able to provide some other unique solutions for the building and its users.

It was determined early in the design process that the reverberation in the room would be a challenge and needed to be dealt with by the application of acoustic absorption panels, mounted along the back and sidewalls of the space.

Pure Heart’s concern was that normal acoustic panels although durable would not hold up to the rigors and enthusiasm of this room.

5 Words Media went to work and designed a custom acoustic panel that is covered with a layer of finely perforated “Kydex” ABS plastic. About 2,000 square feet of the product was installed, colors and styles were matched, and the room has an almost indestructible acoustic treatment to meet the needs of a youth room and the most discerning sound engineer.

Another unique and key component to our relationship with Pure Heart Church was to not only design, provide and install a system, but to develop easy user interfaces to the equipment. 5 Words Media solved this need with preconfigured systems designs for the equipment and a series recorded training sessions to allow the youth volunteers to quickly and easily take charge of their professional Audio, Video and lighting system.

The bottom line of this project is 5 Words Media was blessed to provide Pure Heart Church in Glendale, Arizona, with professional audio, video, and lighting system design and integration, where the unique needs of the youth are met and they have a place to be discipled and worship God well into the future. This project was 5 Words Media’s choice for top project of our year!

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