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Solomon Awards 2019 – Shepherd’s Grove Church (Design and Installation of Video Display or Lighting Design)

The Shepherd’s Grove Church Story

This partnership began when Shepherd’s Grove Church was looking to relocate into their new sanctuary in Irvine, California. Led by Pastor Bobby Schuller, millions of people around the world tune in each week to The Hour of Power program for inspiring music, interviews, and messages that encourage viewers to live lives filled with hope.

Because Shepherd’s Grove Church is the home of this popular television ministry, they needed turnkey solutions they could rely on to perform at a very high level week in and week out.

In 2018, CCI Solutions partnered with Shepherd’s Grove, designing and installing an L-Acoustics ARCS WiFo audio system and stage lighting from Chauvet Professional and ETC into the new space.

In January 2019, the church again turned to CCI Solutions, seeking to take the next step in serving congregation and program viewers with a high definition display. Considering broadcast standards of excellence, leadership needed a single display that could serve as a backdrop on video broadcasts, as well as display lyrics, scripture, and graphic content for the congregation in the room, all within very limited stage space. In Executive Pastor Chad Blake’s words, “Finding someone who understands our unique needs has been challenging. CCI Solutions is always quick to find a solution, when there isn’t one off the shelf.”

The Technology

Shepherd’s Grove’s sanctuary platform is just 15 feet deep with a 20 foot wide wall upstage center, flanked by wings that are occupied by choir and orchestra. Looking to make the maximum impact possible in a limited space, CCI Solutions looked at LED wall solutions that would perform well on camera at a shallow depth of field.

CCI Solutions partnered with LED wall manufacturer Absen to specify a high definition display solution that would look spectacular both in person and on camera. The importance of visual element the to this church’s worship experience is difficult to overstate, so it was critical to have a powerful, high resolution LED wall that also seamlessly fit into its elegant environment, a balance of powerful technology and effortless appearance. The best solution was to cover the entire 20 foot upstage wall with a 20 foot-by-11.3 foot Absen Acclaim 1.5mm LED video wall, resulting in an eye-popping native 4k resolution.

Now, every person sitting in the sanctuary is drawn to the LED wall in the center of platform, drawing them further into the message of hope that Pastor Bobby Schuller delivers, while online and broadcast viewers of The Hour of Power are engaged into a truly beautiful, engaging and effective ministry experience. Looking back on the successful project, Executive Pastor Blake summed it up, “Working with CCI Solutions has been such a joy! From the onset of conversation to the actual install, every member of their team has put not only their expertise on display but also their love for Jesus.”



• Screens: Native 4k Absen Acclaim 1.5mm LED video wall, 20-feet by 11.3 feet, wall mounted configuration


• Processor: Novastar 4k Processor
• Wire: Windy City Wire

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