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Solomon Awards 2019 – Stonegate Church (Church Building Design – Traditional and Contemporary)

Located just south of the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex, Stonegate Church was meeting in the local Midlothian public conference center for a number of years. They were quickly growing and needed to establish a permanent church campus within their community.

The new 65,000-square foot building designed by SPACE includes an auditorium that will initially accommodate more than 1,000 attendees.

A youth department and meeting space was placed directly behind the backstage areas, which allows for the main Auditorium to be expanded to 1,800 seats.

The children’s department and classrooms were sized for the larger Auditorium (more than 600 students). The Office Suite was located at the building’s front façade, but provided with a separate dedicated entrance. A unique feature of this design includes expanded outdoor spaces and a large pavilion with fireplace.

The architectural style is based on a modern craftsman interpretation, with horizontal siding, stucco and stone on the exterior and natural concrete flooring, wood wall applications, live plant walls, and modern lighting on the interior.

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