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Solomon Awards 2019 – The Village Baptist Church (Design and Installation of AVL System – Major Technology Upgrade [existing building])

Say the words, “Fayetteville, North Carolina,” and your first thought might be Fort Bragg, home of the 82nd Airborne and Special Operations Forces. However, just 15 minutes up the road from there is The Village Baptist Church; a multicultural and multigenerational church that has been steeped in a tradition of excellence, all-the-while embracing growth and supporting the local military and civilian community. When it came time to implement the full-scale renovation, they chose Paragon 360 to maintain and deliver the order of excellence they, themselves, embodied.

The project was completed in November 2018 and included an extensive renovation of their 1,200-seat sanctuary, including updated AVL systems, as well as a custom acoustical Island ceiling system.

At the top of the requirement list came the marching orders for “excellent audio at every seat.” Paragon 360 met these demands by providing a WorxAudio XL5 main array at center with QSC AP-5152 out fill speakers. Paragon’s audio team chose this array for its unobtrusive size, wide coverage, and ability to be tuned for even coverage, from the front of the worship center to the back. The array was complimented by a WorxAudio XQ10 low frequency cabinet. Sub bass reinforcement, provided from a WorxAudio TL218 “Super Sub”, was deployed directly behind the XL5 array. A single WorxAudio X2 cabinet was flown behind the subwoofer for choir monitoring. A QSC Core110f provided signal processing for the entire system, as well as control of several devices within the AVL integration.

Mixing at front of house was via a Yamaha CL5 with remote input and output boxes. The broadcast audio was then handled by a Yamaha QL1. While the Dante integration from Yamaha lent itself well to the Digital Audio Labs LiveMix in-ear monitoring system, which were coupled with Shure PSM300 wireless systems to help provide a clean stage appearance. The new, state-of-the-art audio system that Paragon 360 installed, provided the sanctuary with exceptional audio quality and capabilities for worship services, as well as concerts, special events, and community functions.

Next on the requirement list came the command to “focus” on transitioning to a full LED equipped lighting system. The move to LEDs gave the church more efficiency and control by incorporating RGBW houselights from the Chroma-Q Inspire series. The platform was lit by Chauvet Professional’s Ovation E-260WW warm white LED ellipsoidals. The stage lighting was hung from motorized truss that utilized an SSRC Pantograph cable management system. Paragon’s Lighting Team also included a power and data infrastructure using ETC Response Network Nodes and ETC Echo Relay Panels. The entire system was controlled by a Hog 4 Hoglet and Hog 4 PC setup, as well as the added convenience of a two-button and a 10-button wall station by Doug Fleenor Design, for easy lighting access when the console was not in use. This lighting system allows the sanctuary to be bathed in multiple lighting scenarios for use in worship services, various church events, concerts, and more.

By the time the requirement list reached video, we knew it would be nothing short of a “Special Mission” which Paragon 360 immediately accepted. The whole production system had to be based around a streaming ministry, yet still work well for the live audience. To start with, the main worship center became home to three Da-Lite projection surfaces paired with Panasonic 12,000-lumen laser light source projectors. The stage left and right screens typically feature IMAG content with keyed lyrics, helping to create a more uniform and engaging experience throughout the room. The center screen, typically exhibiting full-screen lyrics or sermon graphics, was motorized to discreetly retract into a scenic cabinet allowing a hidden baptistry to be revealed for use, when necessary. Two Panasonic AJ-PX380 manned cameras were set in the house to focus on the worship platform, augmented by two Panasonic AW-HE130 PTZ cameras. Video switching was accomplished with a Ross Carbonite Black Solo, while signal routing was handled by a Ross NK 34×34 3G SDI router.

Digital signage was then provided throughout portions of the worship center building using Panasonic professional displays paired with Hall Research HD over IP video encoders. The IP receivers could be fed a combination of sources, including two added BrightSign digital signage players and video outputs from the NK router which allowed the service to be rebroadcast throughout the facility. This amazingly versatile system provided Village Baptist a truly state-of-the-art video and production platform to serve as the primary visual focal point in worship and teaching from the pulpit for years to come.

Defining, designing and delivering an armory of AVL forces, “on time and on budget”, for The Village Baptist Church renovation was more than a routine drill for Paragon 360. It was an exercise in excellence for a church with high expectations.

Dr. Richard Lee, Lead Pastor of The Village Baptist Church remarked, “Paragon brought a level of excellence second to none in this whole process of engagement and it’s exceeded my expectations. We value excellence and they have modeled excellence.”

Most of all, the renovation was a win for the church, and a win for the church is a win for the kingdom.

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